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  1. He had both pair on eBay about 6 weeks ago.
  2. I can check them out for you or meet you to go see them, but they do seem a bit high.
  3. Sorry meant to post in alerts
  4. That's right CF4 Mobile CL $400, No Affiliation
  5. Fastslappy, or anyone who knows, are the highs supposed to come out of the mids for this model?
  6. I like the ones that say NO SCAMS, PLEASE!!!! Like that's gonna stop a scanner.
  7. spotted 11 Klipsch speakers and 2 Klipsch SW in my den so I may FIND this THREAD & Finish reading it...
  8. Just seems an awful amount of work for $250.
  9. Don't see a slot for them. Could they be a commercial speaker that came without?
  10. Congrats let me know & I will come down & fish with you while we talk Klipsch.
  11. Thank you for sharing this good news & congratulations!
  12. I tried for you pm me your e-mail if you want in case I get a response.
  13. Generous if you, Chad. If you ever see anything in Jackson of interest let me know.
  14. worth a LOOK & LISTEN, but they could be Heresy, I've seen some of them with slots on the bottom, like Cornwalls...woofers look mismatched, but they are easily replaced, & I think he's only showing the insides of 1 speaker...
  15. IF you like Black, I'd go look & listen.
  16. How much did they end up costing, shipping & all?
  17. Thank you for your service. Sorry for your sacrifice. Maybe you can pick up pair of Heresy of a local Craig's List to use for 2 channel until? Met my wife at Little Rock AFB, but I have fond memories of the Air Force, anyway.
  18. The ARE like Lays Potato Chips, aren't they??? Nice pic, lets see some more, please!!!
  19. Last time I went to the movie, 2003, Gods & Generals. My 7 year old twins, Lee & Jackson, have never been. If the PQ is not better, I'll stick with the 60" Panasonic Plasma; it's not a Kuro, but it is a 3D 1080p/24 2012 year model. PS sorry didn't mean to thread jack.
  20. Is the picture that much better, or just bigger? We have room to drop a large screen in front of the plasma; after I load the house with Klipsch, of course.
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