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  1. If close by, I'd go listen, with $300 handy. But, I sure don't know what they are.
  2. There were some sold to civilians through regular electronics stores, too. I bought a pair of KM-4 (KG 3.5) Secondhand that was such, with original receipt. The store hq was near a Navy Base Exchange, though.
  3. Climate Warming, Global Change, or whatever they are calling it now.
  4. Absolutely correct on Military version, look up KM-6 on Klipsch site.
  5. an auction without all those stinking fees...
  6. Bob Crites e-mailed me about a month ago and told me those 4 Ohm Heresy are really 8 Ohm.
  7. from another Forum, don't know if he posts here...
  8. THANKS, billybob!!! look here they are, not small either!!!
  9. here is a link to a Forte Cut Sheet: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Klipsch-Forte-II-Speaker-Ad-1986-2-pgs-Article-Specs-/05/!CF3pUm!!2k~$(KGrHqUOKo4E0WBDB9G2BNWcDp0)F!~~_35.JPG
  10. Cut sheets are product info from Klipsch, but, NOT reviews.
  11. Way back then, Remote Control was almost Taboo in the Audio community. Have a WIRED Remote for my Nakamichi BX-300 Cassette deck.
  12. I have cut sheets for both, plus kg1, kg3, kg4, Heresy II, Quartet, Chorus II, La Scala & Belle Klipsch, klipschorn, kg 3.2, 4.2, 5.2 and kg SW. Stereo Review reprints by Klipsch for kg3 & kg4.
  13. Seems 1 inexpensive thing to do is to rotate the woofs 180 degrees, marking & dating with pencil.
  14. Absolutely now I remember where I read that about Forte II.
  15. Saw a pair of Black HIII on audiogon classifieds, if you can talk him into shipping, they'd be close to what you want to pay.
  16. didn't see your washers to back of woof magnets, could you cover that, please? right now, I'm looking for labour intensive mods, trying to save my money to acquire more speakers...can replace parts later...
  17. recently acquired 5 Heresy II (2 pair, plus a single for Center), I am most interested in modification suggestions??? in particular, I'd like to hear from moray james...
  18. Back, my friend. Way back to the crossroads. Dave The Southern cross the Yeller 'Dawg in Moorhead, Mississippi. I was Nat'l Guard Company Commander there.
  19. my family WAS big in the COTTON business, until '64.
  20. Famed author David Cohn once said "The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg." He was stretching it a might as NO part of Memphis or Vicksburg is in the Delta, both are in the hills. NO hills in the Delta, only Indian Mounds & Levees. The rise to the Delta is very prominent going via Highway 61, either way; that is South (always caps for South) to Vicksburg, just as you cross the Yazoo river bridge, and north (never caps for north) to Memphis. Where's it begin, and where's it end? Never heard an exact description.
  21. Went to college in Starkvegas & fell in love with Klipsch there, too.
  22. OLD THREAD ALERT Was born & raised in Greenville. Listening to Charley Pride. The Delta is a good place to be FROM. A drive through in the Winter will still give you the Blues.
  23. No interest but opine PM at ya.
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