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  1. Stephen Foster, WC Handy, Jimmy Buffett. PS Canadians are American, so are Mexicans and Brazilians...
  2. Welcome, Charles. Where do you live?
  3. OLD THREAD WARNING Posting so I can find later
  4. Sorry haven't figured out how to easily do that from an iPhone. But I'm sure you have the New Orleans CL bookmarked, LoL. The pics he sent me looked good.
  5. Cornwalls c. 1979, $600 NO CL No affiliation. He has photos available on request
  6. I'm informed they can be had for $400 a PAIR if you CALL AcousticSoundDesign
  7. RB-61II Cherry on Sale @ Crutchfield for $399.99 PAIR NO Affiliation
  8. If you can live with replacements, Bob Crites has a pair for $230, delivered to lower 48. Buy on ebay or call him, his site is easy to find on the net.
  9. Nice pic, prettier than a pair of minty Belle Klipsch!!!
  10. Old thread post to subscribe
  11. WoW!!! Makes me want to build a pair! Those are super nice, thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for sharing; don't forget AVS.
  13. Have no problems running a set as Surround Back with my wife's Denon AVR-3311, until I can get something better. Impedance varies, that's why the are called 8 Ohm "nominal". I'm posting from iPhone so maybe someone else may post a good link for impedance.
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