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  1. Will do, or you can save me time, how much is the kit, each & what comes with it?
  2. Gulfport, Mississippi, CL No affiliation
  3. Had guy in Baton Rouge do me the same way. When the price starts moving, I'm OUT!!!
  4. Use another RF-7 for the Center, if practicable.
  5. put me down with the non-believers...I'll use what Monster Cable I have been fooled into buying 22 years ago, by a Klipsch dealer, and the 1 cable for a center I bought CHEAP...or, got FREE... and I spent a little on Bananas for convenience, since I seem to be changing speakers often...
  6. Haven't seen my turntable since 1990. I am NOT looking for it, like CDs on my iPod or Pandora over my Denon.
  7. Thanks, CAN NOT get the link to work.; which, now that I read carefully, is your point.
  8. LIGHTLY USED. $149 $125 $100 SHIPPED TO LOWER 48. http://jackson.craigslist.org/ele/3927149545.html AFFILIATION: IT IS MINE! 2 sons, 2 cats, a dog, and I smoke a pipe and occasional cigar.
  9. this one here is my favorite: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-Packaging-/321162549034?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item4ac6c7972a
  10. Gettysburg and The Patriot (also Cars, Cars 2, Toy Story 1-3, but I don't count those)
  11. did you buy that pair off of uPay?
  12. BUY it CHEAP, an' STACK it DEEP
  13. that IS a SWEET deal!!! think they had them on uPay for much more and got 0 bids... TO ADD A LINK, SIMPLY PUT url AND /url in BRACKETS [ ] with link in between...
  14. We're down @ th' Beach! No Klipsch here.
  15. We're down @ th' Beach! No Klipsch here.
  16. Pics of just.the flat risers FS on uPay now, listed under Klipsch.
  17. gonna need at least 1 more, but I knew that my room is Large going in
  18. bought a Heresy II off uMay; called Klipsch production date May 4, 1996; couldn't say on efficiency, but 1990 cut sheet says 96dB, last SPEC says 97dB...I also inquired via e-mail, let's see what they say... it's marked 8 Ohm but no copyright date on the xover... earlier 8 Ohm HIIs were marked 8 Ohm on xover, but had copyright 1986...
  19. ...is that the consensus view? "if that's not the consensus view, than let's put her to a vote!" I'd wait if i were you. I'm sure it will be on sale again. But if you can't it's less thru Amazon right now. BTW the MSRP is somewhat inflated. I believe it was closer to 799.00 before being discontinued.
  20. he had them listed before for $450 = $100 S&H...so if you want them, you might watch and see if they sell; if they don't, another price drop may be in order...
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