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  1. we are using kg3s as Heights, as they fit easily on the bookshelves, near the ceiling...
  2. I also have a 3311 and a broken, with Denon for repair 3312...(both have been back to Denon in less than a years service) have you tried Audyssey DSX, with either Heights or Wides? we like Heights best, but have a large room with tall ceiling... if it were me, I'd also consider the new Onkyo, 929, iIrc...maybe it won't break...but, they do tend to run HOT, so if you can keep it out of a cab, that would help...
  3. he reduced his price to $125 about 3 weeks ago and still hasn't sold it...
  4. me, too; guy has them listed on *List Baton Rouge; when I responded to his $300 ad, he asked me if I wanted to offer more than the $500 he had been offered, I passed and told him they don't appear to be Cornwalls...& to let me know if his deal fell through...
  5. newegg has them new for $300... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882780088
  6. Offered $50.00 with terms meet me in Memphis
  7. Saw the ad, not far from me; iIrc Rodgers organ co.
  8. I have a RC-42II, it's my only modern Klipsch speaker, works fine. Found when I took it out of the cabinet it came alive. So if you can, leave it out of the cab.
  9. Yes 1 listing I bought weeks ago is still up, but this one provides an address ONLY. So, unless they want people coming by...
  10. wanna double your money? the fact that the ad is still up leads me to believe joke...
  11. I just pray the speaker gods reward these to someone who from this group, who will love them.
  12. To whom? http://memphis.craigslist.org/ele/3815464328.html Smells like one of those spiteful divorce scenarios. My thoughts, exactly!
  13. Sell the Mercedes & send me the money!!!
  14. Saw that, but, I'll never make it in time.
  15. Gods and Generals Dances with Wolves: dts-MA 7.1; Buffalo scene is awesome Sound of Music: dts-MA 7.1; chick flick with War theme CARS2: dts-MA 7.1 Transformers Dark of the Moon: DolbyTrueHD 7.1 Glory: Sharpsburg battle scene at 1st of movie is very good Lord of the Rings: dts-MA 6.1 Top Gun
  16. eBay=uMay ;-) retail & cost have no bearing on what a pair actually sold for; no warranty & black, but $200.00, delivered? Hard to believe, but there it is in the sold listings.
  17. Don't we wish, that was one heckuva deal.
  18. Not me, especially without the Woofer, it's a non-starter. Bet I can find a set of HIIIs for close to that cost: $310 including local sales tax Each Plus Shipping Plus cost of HIIs. Guy had a set of Black IIIs in the gs last week for $650. 2 months ago, 2 NiB Black IIIs went for $200.00 Delivered on uMay.
  19. sweet, wonder if changes my 4 ohm, 94dB speakers to 8/99?
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