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  1. the space reason is why I want 1 of each: Chorus AND Chorus II... If you remove the passive and put the ports in the rear, you will have the same problem with wall placement. With the ports in the front, it doesn't matter with the distance concerning the rear wall.
  2. if you're interested, ask him, I could inspect them & pick them up for you and meet you somewhere for a speaker exchange
  3. Guayabera made with Cane Grille Cloth: Gear Request...just an idea...PWK type logo, maybe...
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/321142925731?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 just like the one in my sigtag, only different... NO AFFILIATION... they are NOT that rare, but the price is fair, if you don't count the shipping...BiN $400+$100 P&P
  5. Anyone else interested? as far as we are concerned, I'm gonna ask the wife what direction she wants to go for HER system, older Reference Series or extended Heritage; but, it's NOT the direction I wish to go...
  6. Gonna pass on this odd one, can get a pair of used KP-250 like CECAA850 has for less than $300 if I wait...
  7. THANK YOU & they are $200 LESS than a pair advertised elsewhere on the GS... maybe $400 LESS if you don't have to have them shipped...
  8. see what you mean about the barrel ends maybe I'll 'Keep the "Nakamichi" outer part AND use hear shrink to make a pretty wire.' Cover up the LOOSE ENDs.
  9. nothing personal, but if it isn't good to eat, I don't want to catch it...but, they MUST be fun to catch...congratulations!!!
  10. NO, thanks for asking. How do they sound? I can get some kg5.2 for $200, which I have heard... I'm NOT really interested, hope someone ELSE wants them I can help...we WILL be in the area SUNDAY...
  11. my 3 favorite words: OUT for DELIVERY
  12. Ordered TODAY; I splurged an' dropped the extra $2.99, it's scheduled for delivery tomorrow...
  13. did send an inquiry e-mail, in case anyone is interested...will post what they say...
  14. http://okaloosa.craigslist.org/ele/3853659760.html NO Affiliation
  15. You are CORRECT, sir! Sorry, got you mixed up with someone else. Can't help, maybe someone else can.
  16. like I said, to each his own, I like the fact they are colour-coded...but, I do know this: ordered from that HONG KONG Site, never rec'd them in close to a month; ordered from the guy on uMay in Baton Rouge on Friday, Rec'd them yesterday... THANK YOU for POINTING them out to me!!! instead of throwing away the part that says "Nakamichi", which I like, goes with my tape deck, you can simply use Acetone to remove the wording and keep those parts without using "hear shrink" to Jerry rig a pretty wire... The aluminum barrel ends are too fat for the wire and look funny. I don't think that they look jerry rigged, but to each his own.
  17. lookin' to 'Dawg style a little Beaver... but, USC Vs. Organ State is classic: Beavers top '*****...
  18. Nice gear, may we have some pics, please?
  19. 50's-80's Gulf & Western, 13 Klipsch speakers, 19" LCD... Baseball on 60" plasma... :-) USC @ UnC winner to CWS
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