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  1. there WAS a pic or 2 of the 5.2s in earlier ads
  2. 5.2s look nice; no photos of Chorus
  3. If I can get 1 good sub, Klipsch, SVS, et Cerera, I'll move 1 cheapie up front & have 2 cheap Onkyo subs in the small parlor, which will be good enough, for that room, for now. Only time I ever spent money on a good sub, out went out 1 month out of warranty. I like Klipsch subs, from what I've heard, but the lack of warrantee concerns me at only 2 years. So, want to buy 6, 1 at a time, would like at least have matching pairs, if not all. But, *'s List & uMay keep getting my $, LoL!
  4. perhaps, but I want at least 6...only have 2 cheapies now...
  5. thank you, gentlemen, thank you!!! I'm more than a bit careful about buying USED subs; they have to be inex...CHEAP, NO Warranty...
  6. just picked up off uMay a single HERESY II (8 Ohm) to add to my other 2 HERESY IIs as CENTER Channels (3)...many thanks to previous discussions read here... have 5 Heresy II on the front, along with kg3 as Height... oh, yeah, you can SCRATCH ACADEMY from my wanted list... unless the deal is to good to pass...
  7. We hooked up Wides, Heights and Surround Back to my Denon 3312 and found we like Heights (kg3) much better than either of the other; but, my den has tall vaulted ceilings. Heights also allow you to use either Audyssey-DSX (A-DSX) or Dolby Pro Logic IIz (PLIIz). Which of those 2 sounds better varies by material. I use an old AVR, digital, but not HDMI for Surround Back, Simulated Wides (Surround Feed) and 2 more Centers (Phantom). Next week, we're going to hook up the Denon 3311 in the Parlor with 11.1, but, we think, because of small room size and 8 foot ceilings, Surround Back will probably sound best.
  8. One FS locally, any ideas as to how much it might be worth? A new one from an authorized dealer is about $230.
  9. Earlier HIIs were marked 94dB Sensitivity & 4 Ohm, later 8 ohm. Would love to know when the transition was. According to original cut sheets I have from circa 1990 they were 96 dB & 8 Ohm.
  10. Didn't overlook that one, but, I didn't count it, either. In wall. The only Reference Series SW they offer is the RW-5802.
  11. I notice Klipsch does NOT currently offer a SW in the Reference line...
  12. OR how really BROKE I'd be if I paid full retail for NEW Heresy speakers I've wanted since at least 1990, and finally got recently...but, I draw the line at USED subs, unless they are close by, cheap and working as designed...
  13. Lasted as long as a bag of Lays @ a Weight-Watchers convention
  14. instead of throwing away the part that says "Nakamichi", which I like, goes with my tape deck, you can simply use Acetone to remove the wording and keep those parts without using "hear shrink" to Jerry rig a pretty wire...
  15. They ALL are, Sir, they all are.
  16. too rich for me, just now, but can check them out for anyone interested... There's some Khorns in Columbus too for $1100...
  17. If Denon ever gets my 3312 back to me, I'm gonna have 2xHIIs as Centers with my RC-42II (until I find another Heresy, or 3)
  18. Once again, saving me a long drive. Met my wife at LR Air Base; but, I like it anyway, LoL!
  19. I've determined to buy every pair I can find at a good price...
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