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  1. Need a truck, or arrangements to rent on short notice.
  2. Due west of here on I-20, just was Ad on Mobile, AlaBama @ List
  3. was the guy in Louisiana or AlaBama? Too late, Kyle texted me as he was on his way to get them!
  4. PayPal back at you. Thanks again.
  5. Some guy in Texas is printing ar15 type rifles. Not that I'd own any evil *** ault rifles, but, seems to me a real rifle would look better, feel better, et Cetera. Not that there's anything right with that.
  6. BS don' ;-) even walk 'til someone hears from the seller
  7. NO pickup Truck, unlike most crackers; & my good friend with truck & strong arms moved from Mobile to South Carolina...
  8. http://mobile.craigslist.org/ele/3795775239.html NO pickuptruckiation RUSTON, I guess near Mobile, AlaBama
  9. but, what about every swingin' Rich'd?
  10. Thank you, Scrappydue, I only need 16 more pair and 6 SWs and I'm Golden...then time to buy more AVRs...
  11. PMs and e-mails with name and telephone number at you
  12. Yes, that orients the horns correctly. logical
  13. If they are Walnut or Oak & working I'll take them.; that is, if Scrappydue doesn't work out; I'll oil 'em up an' call 'em Surround Back an' Surround Back, too
  14. Are vertical Cornwalls placed Horizontally?
  15. I think you can buy a PAIR of Heresy III for the price of 1 RC-64II!
  16. they got me twice, once for the regular DVD before the bgd came out +1 for Second hand lions. The bar scene in that had me laughing so hard. Great flick!
  17. VERTICAL Cornwalls, too! What a Gentleman, to see they get a good Home!
  18. AVS Sales has some good open box specials on Sony ES & Denon.
  19. Nice speakers @ a nice price; if you were much further down River...
  20. I've an old AVR set up to do so, just need 2 more speakers. I am thinking Heresy, 1 on either side of screen + my regular center, until I can switch it for an Academy. Do you have pre outs on your AVR?
  21. Where's th' Cowbell? Gotta have a little more Cowbell!
  22. 2 or 3 rubber triangle type doorstops will do the trick to lift. Could you run 2 center channels, same type?
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