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  1. lets see some photos of yours, too!!! how do you compare the Cornwall II to III?
  2. drove over there and snagged this deal; although I HAD seen this AD on *L, as I check about 11, all within driving distance, I THANK opusk2k9 for encouraging me to drive, pics to follow, tomorrow or Monday...sure looks better in my den!!!
  3. how hard is it to replace woofers, &/or drones? I see these speaks fs on u may, but most have pushed in dust covers...are the parts, OEM or aftermarket, available?
  4. I want kg3, kg4, Heresy II & Heresy & Heresy III, Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II, Cornwall, & II/III, Belle Klipsch, La Scala &/or La Scala II, Klipshorns, not necessarily in that order...all in WALNUT oiled... other than that, I'm good; other wood finishes OK, too...or, unfinished for La Scala and Heresy II...
  5. Good choice Mongo, see, you're not a pawn if life, after all; wish I'd done the same. I'm either going to get a stand over top of TV for the center; or, better yet, wall mount the Plasma, and use the cabinet for the center and remove shelf so Denon AVR-3312CI can ventilate better. Even better yet, an external amp and 2 centers...
  6. One of my badges came off. Anyone know what was used to factory attach? Thanks
  7. I calls it a kg4.1. He should have said "I messed them up, instead of repairing, bail me out."
  8. A Single heresy ii sold recently on u may for about 220 recently
  9. bout 80 miles from me 1 way; now if we could just buy the speakers...
  10. PLEASE tell me you sold these on the local *L. It's a twelve hour drive, round trip. p.s. is there a room/thread for intros?
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