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  1. If you want them that bad, we can prolly work something out...
  2. P.S. I’ll buy them, depending on your location!
  3. Sorry for your loss of your uncle. They were, indeed, made in 1988. Welcome to the Forums. Nice speakers, consider keeping & enjoying them. $1200-$1600 depending on market. Where are you located? Do a search for Klipsch Cornwall II on the main Klipsch website for pertinent information, specs, et Cetera.
  4. Isn’t the best physician for this Dr. Jas. Andrews, in B’ham?
  5. Most people use copper coloured wire to red, & silver to black.
  6. Drivers appear perfect, just need a little gentle cleaning; and most importantly, sound perfect, so far.
  7. Nice Woolite bath for Cane Grilles? Woolite Delicates
  8. Palm to face marketplace $1600 Cornwalls Oiled Oak NO AFFILIATION
  9. How much? Not sure I could tell the differ.
  10. excellent example of why I love this thread...added to my YouTube playlist!
  11. “I hate it, when that happens.” 😇
  12. ^^^ looks identical to one posted fs about 4 years ago...
  13. Just got back from picking them up. Thank you, juallhuce!
  14. RP-500SA is working great for me in my second system. While that room is being remodeled, I’m going to try them in my den (550 square feet). CALL Cory with Paducah Home Theater for a deal. CALL
  15. Can be there as early as tomorrow. PM @ you.
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