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  1. Congratulations!!! Nice looking TV. Have a small (43”) one now. As soon as most of my home remodeling is done, I’ll buy a 75”; or perhaps, 70”.
  2. Imagine a speckled trout po-boy, dressed, on Gambino NO French bread.
  3. Could use some speaker cables like the above, but in stock.
  4. Sancho Panza


    ^^^ been posted at least twice, already... still not funny...
  5. keeping gov’t between the ditches...
  6. As is communism; wo the capitalist eco.
  7. EC is a check & balance.
  8. Stood in the turret of many tanks at 127* F. Now, the M1A1 had NBC system that cooled the temp to 80ish; others did not. Not bragging, I enjoyed serving; but it was significantly...
  9. German numbers are known, but Russian aren’t known...
  10. Leave blank to use Pearl... ‘nother sofa, jus’ like the las’ one: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yDsFNDchpuhrPwju7
  11. Stalin used the ones in the East a while, too
  12. I’ve visited Dachau, Sobivor, and another I disremember just now.
  13. Dachau numbers ain’ happening. The Sky is Falling.
  14. I got more f u c k i n’ masks, 3 new beds (complete), a new kitchen table, new recliner, coffee table, et C. Took a trip, and never leave the farm. No speakers, just yet.
  15. Mine goes to the sheeple wearing masks.
  16. National Peoples Radio
  17. Sancho Panza


    Growing older, but not up.
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