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  1. RP-500SA is working great for me in my second system.


    While that room is being remodeled, I’m going to try them in my den (550 square feet).


    CALL Cory with Paducah Home Theater for a deal. CALL

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  2. 5 hours ago, juallhuce said:

    I’ve had several send messages about buying them.  I’m willing to ship if you’re willing to cover the shipping cost.  I’m in central Louisiana.  I’ve done exactly zero selling or buying like this so you’ll have to coach me in how we both protect ourselves in the process. First person to initiate buying them gets them. 

    Can be there as early as tomorrow. PM @ you.

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  3. JEM Performance Audio:


    AA Crossovers, with Sonicaps, from my 1980 La Scalas.

    Sent the wife & son to the .9 of a mile away UPS Store. They wouldn’t take cash, so they had to go 6 miles away to ship.


    In order to insure for the minimum $300 recommended by Jim, UPS insisted on packing themselves. Shipping cost to Jim $35.


    Please note, his preferred carrier is FedEx; but, it’s not convenient to the house.


    So, I suspect return shipping will be less. His pricing to me will remain between us, unless he sez it’s OK to disclose...but, was inexpensive, at first appraisal...

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  4. 4 hours ago, billybob said:

    You should get action here. Instead of measuring old caps, most just replacing, refreshing them. For closest to original sound, JEM seems to be gaining in popularity here as a newest Klipsch authorized supplier.


    Sent my AA Crossovers off the JEM today, to remove & salvage the Sonicaps, return to Klipsch specs...

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  5. Got a RA from Crutchfield for my Black R-112SW.


    Adorama, an Authorized Klipsch On-line Dealer for Clearance has them in Cherry, for $299, with FREE Shipping. That’s $100, plus tax, less than many other Authorized On-line Dealers.


    Klipsch R-112SW Cherry


    If you want Black, Newegg, as of yesterday had an Open Box R-112SW for $300.



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