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  1. Thanks everyone, I actually went to a local shop and heard the reference series and really liked them. The only problem was that I couldn't find a full set within my budget. The def techs are pretty amazing and I found a really good deal used. I really think my next set will be klipsch though...I have another room that I have to outfit in a couple of years
  2. I feel like I just cheated on a girlfriend... I hate to say it, but I found a set I couldn't pass up... They happen to be Definitive Technology though. It was $600 for a full set which sounded absolutely amazing. Found them on Kijiji and couldn't pass them up. Thanks to everyone in the Klipsch community for your help!
  3. Ajoker2c - thanks very much for that info and invite! I may have to take you up on that when I'm in the area. I'd like to hear those and get an idea... But yes brokerage fees are a killer... I wonder if those US address companies lessen the hurt at all... Would still have to bring over the border. East Hamilton Radio has some nice deals on speakers too right now that I may check out. Thanks everyone, now I just have to keep track of all these different model numbers!
  4. I actually saw some nice equipment at Newegg.com but unfortunately shipping isn't available to Canada. Any sites that you know ship go Canada?
  5. Nice thanks for the lead! I'm going to check our this set now... For 650 it comes with the rw12 sub so ill see. Thanks everyone!
  6. Guys someone is selling some older RF-15s and a matching 12" sub for $650...havent heard much of these but I'd have to get a center to match it. Any thoughts?
  7. I'm actually in Newmarket Ontario...demo would be very helpful!
  8. Thanks for the quick replies... That is the problem, there aren't too many dealers here that have the following series hooked up for demo. I may just go and purchase them, try them at home and then compare them to the reference series at a different story. I've been looking for used sets as well but seems like people hang onto these speakers! I have a denon avr 590 which is 75wrms per channel. Do you think that is enough power for now? Cheers Tim (Newmarket Canada)
  9. Hi Everyone, New to the forum and the brand Klipsch seems like an amazing brand and I'm looking forward to trading in my Boston Acoustics Soundware satellites for a new set of Klipsch speakers. I have my home theater in the basement and it's an open concept roughly 20' by 25'. Currently best buy has the 5.0 synergy series on sale for $700 (f10s, b20s and c10). I like my movies and music loud so I'm wondering if I should get my feet wet with this set or save up for the reference series. Right now the reference series is about 2k. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
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