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  1. The best choices I believe would be the chorus. Personally I never could listen to a two way for long periods of time. I have quartets, the smallest in the line and it does a very good job with raggae at moderate to high volume. With the higher effencency of chorus , aught to get you there. Cornwall with a sub would be a different.
  2. Op , Seems to me that you've done what most would have suggested, that is to Take the time to listen to your system. Placement is critical, not only speaker but seating. Sacrilege!!wire not saying to go out and buy expensive wire .you're at the point where the searching will involve small, incremental changes affecting the whole, you're at the place where its in the mid range. The suggestion by moray shouldn't be ignored. I've tried it on a pair of quartet. It helped with the placement of spkr. Hope you'll have good success.
  3. rbrown0678

    Cornwall Quest

    Good you got the opportunity to hear the Cornwall, was it the fact that there was a lack of bass that left you flat and disappointment. Enjoy the experience and the music from your system.
  4. rbrown0678

    Leaving Amp On.....

    Yeah, make sure the pilot light is on.
  5. rbrown0678

    Leaving Amp On.....

    Happy father's day, I'm flabbergasted to see that everyone turn off their amp.how many remove the plug from outlets, or go so far as to turn off circuit breaker. The reasoning behind the act elude me .in cases where lightening could be a factors I'm totally infavor of turning off,and unplugging equipment from source.
  6. rbrown0678

    Leaving Amp On.....

    For the most part I have left my solid state amp on for the better part of years no issues. Always ready to go, I do turn off my pre amp no problem there neither. Choose your poison.
  7. rbrown0678

    Integra DRX Series, Surprised!

    Pleased you've found some thing that is interphasing well with your system.time to test,and see what else is possible, great write up.
  8. Since the Cornwall are the reference speaker that the others are compared to, then yes.thou it's not perfect, for what it does it's pretty hard to surpass,disappears and images quite well.can be brought in to a room ,although it's large it's not as boxy as the LaSalle, raised off the floor it can ataint the height of the klipschorn and witk good equiptment is impressive.and pulls you in .truly an amazing and simple speaker,when you really live wilh a pair of cornwalls,there's no need to wonder you known. 😚
  9. rbrown0678

    Cornwall I or II

    And into the night
  10. rbrown0678

    Ohm’s Law

    Low power high resistance tube amp nk tube amp
  11. rbrown0678

    Ohm’s Law

    In-correct pressure distribution.
  12. rbrown0678

    Belle Review

    Amazing thread. Most people seem to believe that speaker should sound better than f. What do you expect to hear, what are you hearing, the speaker should give you an insight into what it offers. Can you work with work within it's basic sound and prepare to enhance its sound. Or will you return to your first love. To get the best results put A away go see how F. Really sound, to truly give the new speaker a fair shot obviously your gear should have qualities you like. Let it play days on end.listen. switching out gear and crossover parts won't really help with your assessment. You sound confused. No wonder your speaker sound the same.
  13. rbrown0678

    4 speaker stereo and pre-outs vs zone 2

    It will take some playing around to get things where you're satisfied. Not sure with avr in mix, though pretty confident all will be well.in my case zone two going through outlaw 950 pre-pro powered form 125x5 acurus.allows me to have all format as needed in second location, though using mainly two channel. Not stereo as I prefer plim+cr through Cornwall, and sub when needed. Patience, you'll get there.
  14. rbrown0678

    Static? Pops

    Might be having issues with power caps in receiver
  15. My thoughts are the 11 were recess slightly vale. It would have been nice to hear what the Dean network sounded like. I do understand and respected your decision .What was the determinate factor was in how the spkr was set up,location wise Would you say with a less neutral amp the top end on the seven would bring it closer to the 111.looking to future updates . Thks