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  1. K-55V, K-400, Grills

    Disk don't know if I can purchase as individual ,need 1-De 10 I think 1-k55v with horn for project, if you are willing to, let me know, I'll provide contact #.I'm not good at pm.
  2. HORRIBLE: the shrill is gone, findings

    K77 aren't blown, but that's most likely where your problem lies .
  3. Strange

    Has anyone ever experienced this condition, playing quartets in living room sitting in adjoining florida room With sliding door open, system in Florida room turn off, subwoofer is in auto in Florida rm. Just noticed the active light is on. Could bass from quartets activate the sub .?
  4. becoming the owner of a 30 year old vintage speaker ,that I imagine is in good condition even if you paid a great price to put a reletively small investment in them is more than worthwhile. The ear needs to be massage, No second guessing as to how much better they might sound, there no need to do it twice which cost more in the end, that anology of the car is good thou I think most people buying a used car would like to detail it, to at least see it looking it's best just make you feel better.
  5. Your voltage drop would be my main concern since the conductor is able to carry more amps than the breaker, Just for peace of mind you could run #10/2. This would then be a over kill, for re-use in garage rewire tho doable. Use the 10/2 as a 120v ck, from source and using 2 inline 15 or20 amp fuses, from hot tie to two receptacles to feed eqpt. Pigtail neutral to outlets.also ground, #10 may be control by 25/30 amp breaker. That's what I'd do
  6. Rf7ii are killing my ears

    Have you tried another source,
  7. Update: Mom passed away this morning 1/23/17

    It's always a tough time to loose love ones. may you be strengthen with the memories of Her life.
  8. PISSED OFF about "Heritage"

    It's not worth getting stressed over, this is in fact a new day, and thought the branding of the current speakers being elevated to a place of prominence. It is very unlikely that there will be a retraction. when you consider that the khorn,Lasalle ,Cornwall, heresy, possibly belle,all have something in common. whatever came after does not, and should not really be classified as heratage. All of klipsch speakers are heratage inspired. For those who have the original has bragging rights. These new speakers will find it's niche with a different generation of listeners. They will come to the forum and be encouraged to try the path that brought them to where they are. from what I can see the company is doing what pwk did.make a dam good speaker get it sold, most of us here won't sell what we have to purchase a the current price,to keep klipsch in buiness .
  9. *cough* CES 2017 *cough*

    There u go that integrated amp is super cool. I'm excited just thinking about having 1. And at under 1k. Just a long time to wait. I'm thinking aaragon, 180 clean watts into Cornwall.
  10. Are all watts created equal

    This is a topic that comes up from time to time, I suppose considering the logic, yes, Now the path we take to get there can be quite different. I would consider the journey that gives the traveler the satisfactory, experience pointing out all unexpected nuances,that makes the expereance of the journey memorable , I imagine you would find it difficult to get an unbiased opinion due to the personal and positive journey, the opposite is also true. What can you live with, also means you'll live without some things, we can be thankful for choices. Just the way I see it Errol
  11. Joined the Klipsch club today

    SAD to hear about your loss., recently had lightning take out my hk 1700 . Replaced with a hk 3700 stereo mids &high was good but there was a little man with a hammer driving me crazy
  12. Youthman, Seems to me if you started @6oc,and stop making video you might get the job done. I can always take it off your hands,I can easily make room for it. Whaddiu say. Awesome looking room.
  13. Muhammad Ali

    Muff respect to MR Mohammed Ali RIP
  14. phantom center

    As always many thanks for your sharing, I'm trying to draw from the different views offered. I must say I was a little surprised to find the different speaker was used with the heresy as a center, The fact that a center is not dependent on speaker matching, but more so on mid,and high Frequency matching. I am aware of the need to have the LCR to match in a front array for home theater application, there is a lot to enjoy with listening in mono,basically I'm doing so with the phantom center, thou,with an additional openness. Clarity is certainly one of the more enjoyable side benifit from this arrangement, making it unnecessary to listen at high volume. Amplification mid & hi Frequency seems to be direction for me to explore, Errol
  15. phantom center

    Thanks for the responses from all,the common thread being the stability of the off axis and it's affect on the sound, the merging of left /right image seems to produce and blend not present in either channel. I have not looked at the data provided as yet, my concern with a hard center,will the Suttle semblance be enhanced.