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  1. Don’t stress to much guys. I am an Electrical Engineer, if I blow something up it is my own fault.
  2. I am excited. Hopefully I can fix it. Thanks Youthman!
  3. The vinyl was coming off my RS-3’s it pealed off easily. I would give them a good sanding, mask off the faces, then paint away.
  4. As @Youthman said, With the masking there was no way to have a vertical center without it being way to high. I have heard that a vertical sounds better. Not sure where that comes from. When I built this center I did testing by moving around my towers and swapping with the new center. After a couple hours of testing i could tell zero difference in the horizontal center and my original vertical towers. My testing concluded that the height of the horn was way more important than the orientation of the cabinet itself. as said before, the horn was rotated to keep the original orientation.
  5. Those version 3's look fantastic. i would expect the 12d to be a good addition to them. That is a great setup
  6. The swap for the K77M fell through. He had them also listed on eBay and they sold. After all the good input here I think the real issue is the crossover anyway. There is a slight difference between the K77 and K77M but it really takes a back burner to the AL crossover that nobody seems to like. The AA crossovers from Crites are $324 shipped. Definitely not something I am going to buy right before Christmas. At least I learned what is needed to get these Lascalas sounding better.
  7. In deang's tread he says we would need to source the autotransformer from him but says not to ask to buy the part until he anouces it on his Facebook page. (This was in June). I can't seem to find his page and don't want to harass him. Has anyone seen this posted or can point me to his page or another source. thanks to all!
  8. This is awesome. I have had no such luck searching. And yes, I totally missed when you posted this so thanks for pointing it back out. It is so easy to miss stuff on a phone. i am still interested in the conversion thread if anyone runs across it. I have searched but no luck yet.
  9. I can definitely solder. I will do some digging. Like you guys said. May be easier to start from scratch. We will see. Thanks.
  10. Great info! I would have to see some scematics. I can't help but wonder how much modification it would take to convert AL to AA or just build my own AA. I know Crites sells them built already.
  11. BTW. We love the bright sound and never have thought any Klipsch to harsh. Can someone tell me the difference between the CT125 and K77M.
  12. Great info, thanks! Would you mind elaborating on how noticeable? Were they brighter etc.
  13. Had to wash out the pic just to get them to show up. I figured someone would say "no pic...didn't happen." ;-)
  14. We watched Star Trek Beyond last night. The RS-7s really showed out with that one. Plenty of action scenes. This was the first time the surrounds didn't sound like surrounds but just sound from the correct location. There is nothing small about the sound. I set the crossover to 60Hz as suggested by Tasdom. Sounded great. I will play with the settings but honestly it is hard to do A-B testing with my memory.... The RS-35s did well as Atmos speakers but honestly have nothing to compare them to. The combination of RB-61 rears and RS-7 sides seemed to be a great combination. RB-81s may be a closer match but honestly I don't know if you would even be able to tell the difference. Sound that wrapped around you felt seamless. During Dolby into fx I could really tell hey sound very much the same where before the 35s didn't have the same sound as the fronts at all. I also installed 3 acoustic panels (also courtesy of Youthman) directly above the beanbag. It may be placebo effect but the center vocals seemed clearer. Hard to get a picture of black on black.
  15. I have demoed scenes from Deadpool and Transformers Age of Extinction so far. we plan to watch the new Star Trek tonight. First of all, these things are BEAST. They really impress in size and sound. Right now they are set to 80hz (thx) but I am tempted to lower that. (Suggestions welcome) The RS-35's had a good sound but these things are almost the equivalent of having towers. No trouble keeping up with the RF-7ii's that I can see. I am still playing with the RS-35s (formerly side surrounds) as Atmos speakers. I think I finally got the receiver set up right. I am hoping Star Trek in Atmos turns out to be a good demo.
  16. The RS-35's are going to be Atmos speakers. Rotated the horns so the wide dispersion orientation is correct. Grills will be on just so they disappear into the ceiling.
  17. Now that really surprised me. Even with knowing the dimensions it is still impressive. Michael hooking his brother up with some amaizing speakers.... not that surprising. That is just how he is. We take care of each other. Oh and I already have dibs on the next amp btw. ;-)
  18. I have 4 height channels available. I may be better off selling my Heresey II's and getting 4 of something else.
  19. You guys rock. Thank you to all my friends for the complements. It is great when others get such enjoyment from my work. A special thanks to all who helped me finally get it finished. Sad thing is I don't even know who all helped, all I know is I couldn't have done it without the help. I was just cleaning up in the shop and found sign after sign that my wife had posted as reminders for me on this project. My favorite "Michael changed his mind. NOT BLACK anymore." He had originally wanted the cabinet black. That would have been a big oops.
  20. Just to interject here, cherry is not dark. Just sayin' Given enough time cherry is dark. It starts almost a reddish blond but will darken with age with just a clear finish. When people think cherry they often think of the color of antique cherry furniture which is dark. You are right that new cherry is not dark at all.
  21. I'm using Spar Urethane with a satin finish. Grandfather called it varnish, Dad called it varnish..... Poly=varnish in many southern dialects. Old habits die hard.
  22. Just FYI. All the pieces match. Camera phone colors are not consistent with different lighting.
  23. This is truly impressive! Was this done on a router table? How did he keep the lines straight? I imaging its hard to have a guide with it being so long unless you had a guide run in a previously routed groove? Home made crosscut sled on the router table that is built into the table saw wing. Long cuts are just using the fence.
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