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  1. Chris, I drive to Hurst from McKinney every day. GB all the way out to Hwy10. I would love to borrow them if you seriously don't mind. Even more so, I would like to hear the Jubilee's in acton!!! Austin
  2. Ok, based on the replies, Im going to start by grabbing blankets, pillows, small children....and just start filling up the space and see how changes the feel. I will also try moving my listening position a bit. The correct assumption was made that the room is currently bare with the exception of a leather chair, which doesn't absorb sound waves. Eventually the front wall will be covered with thick movie panel curtains. Once thats in place it will be a whole new ball game. Cask, Im going to look over the traps, I am intrigued by the idea of using the rear corners. I may have to drop by on my way to work in the morning and borrow yours!!!
  3. Only when your holding the runner tight ;-)
  4. Im running into an issue with midbase coming from my RF7ii's sounding very bloated an boomy. I know that this is a charcteristic of my room but Im wondering the best way to tackle the issue. The most pronounced "boom" tends to be heard from from high notes on a base or the low E of an acoustic guitar. It has become very distracting to listen to any music with a walking base line. Question. I know I need to work on room acoustics but I have been putting this off until I furnish the room. That being said, which type of acoustic panel should I be looking for to help reduce this wave. Also, I have both towers sitting out about 1' from their respect corners(right angle corners). As a bandaid should I try pulling the speakers out of the corners temporarily? Austin
  5. I have been thinking for a while that there should be at least a thread devoted to music that drives our hobby. I am always looking for new music that is worth sitting down and listening to. Especially high quality recordings that can be highlighted by our systems. I have an affinity for live recordings w a predominance of acoustic guitar. To my ears, the horns really make the strings pop and give a great presence. It would be nice to share some of my favorite finds and hopefully find some new in return???
  6. I know its a rough thing to say. I hope I'm proven wrong.
  7. It doesn't seem to help that much of what is passed as music on the mainstream these days seems to be geared to whatever actually will sell as a product and will make the most money for the label and maybe even the artist, as opposed to something that I would actually want to sit down to listen and appreciate as an actual artform. Thankfully, there are still plenty of bands/artists in the smaller, independent, underground scene that still seems to treat music as the artform that it actually is. AMEN.....I have to dig deeeeep to find some music worth actually sitting down to listen to the content. I can appreciate all forms of music but it must be worth a damn. I feel bad for my daughter. She is one and a half and will most like have pure trash to listen to by the time she is a teenager. I know that art is supposed to be subjective...but come on. What happened to emotion, soul and feeling in music? I have been pushed more towards jazz then ever. Real Instruments!!!! There is not many out there today that push emotion like Jackson Browne did. Its real hard to find content the Rolling Stones and Zeppelin. Everything is thin, copied over trash with little to no lyrical content or meaning.
  8. How so? Are you at least confirming voltages with a multimeter? This is why using a meter to measure voltage is so critical. If MCACC is applying DSP only to its internal amp, then what you "hear" when using the Crown is unprocessed signal....ie. the raw room response. Without a waterfall plot comparison to tell you what has changed response-wise, the subjective comparison becomes not between amps, but between non-related factors. If the intent is to run 7.2 correctly, then all the channels get high-passed. When that happens, amplifier requirements drop substantially. I have my mains high-passed at 100 Hz and they will never see my AVR's full rated output at 24.5 volts. In fact, at wide open throttle (-0 dB REF and 105 dB SPL at the listening position) they only see a single volt or two. You're RF's would see only 3-4 volts max. That's still peanuts for an AVR...even with all channels driven. Throw a power amp into the equation, and now you're totally missing out on the best feature of the SC, the D3 signal path. You make a great point about something I had not thought of prior. For a theater application I will have all speakers crossed for small and the subs will be doing the heavy lifting. As long as I have speakers set and crossed for THX then I should be fine........
  9. Thats what Im afraid of.....for me, I think I need to make a basic decision going forward. Work with the receiver, which is very ample for the time being. Or, just decide that I am going to have to make a move to a pre amp/amp combo....... Is anyone aware of any pre amps that offer airplay and MCACC diagnostics?(I much prefer MCACC over Audssey) While the separate amp did define the speakers better, Im not sure it was worth headache of what i may be running into. That being said, I may have no choice once I run my full 7.2 setup. That will be a lot of strain for the receiver.
  10. Shiva, I take from your response that the Rotel is running from the Elite's pre out like I was trying? Were the room corrections sustained or do you feel like you lost them?
  11. Ok Gents, I hooked up the DC300A for a listen. After going back and forth I noticed a couple things 1. first and foremost I lost about 5db off the same song on the same volume setting. This is based of the readings from my SPL. Not sure it means anything in the whole scheme but I thought it interesting because this is exactly opposite of what I had expected. 2. The instruments on a good recording sound more defined and there is greater separation with the Crown in line. Much better low end. Much more feasable to have a good true 2 channel set up minus the subs. 3. I seem to loose a good portion(or all) of the acoustic calibrations for my room. This is bad because the room is very loud. I will eventually install media curtains and more furniture, but currently its just bare walls, speakers and my leather chair. I welcome your feed back on this. Why would the sound output be lower then without the amp?.....is it due to a low line out level from my receiver? If I went with an amp line something from Emotiva or Outlaw Audio, built form home use, would it have the same result? Would they be more sensitive to the output from my receiver?
  12. Gents,thank you for all the responses. I had to run out of town for the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see all the responses. I 'll give the old mans DC300A a shot and see if I can hear a discernible difference. If so I will have a whole nother arena to start exploring. I am just not sold yet that the addt'l power will make a marked improvement in such a small room. I'll report back. Thanks again
  13. I read on here somewhere that where Klipsch uses ProAmps for testing the speakers but I don't remember seeing many people stating they use them for home use. I am currently running RF7's for two channel. Im running these off my Elite SC-63 but based on all my reading I think I may want to give some external amplification to the fronts and see how they respond. I will be using the Elite as my Pre as I don't think I could to with out some if its bells and whistles. (I couldn't loose Airplay) Im gonna steal my Old Man's Crown amp and see how they respond. If I like it I will be in the market for a good 2 ch amp. Any thoughts on moving towards a QSC pro for this solution? They seem very very reasonably priced....... What are the negatives?
  14. I haven't had an opportunity to play with the MCACC settings yet, however what your stating makes sense. Would it make sense for me to use the MCACC with exception to the channel levels for the mains? In other words I would leave all settings as set by the calibration but change the gain settings on the speakers back to 0??? Im just thinking that would allow me to utilize the benefits of the acoustics but bypass all the settings that would be intended for a THX set up or a home theater set up?
  15. I switch the xo back to 80 and heard a slight diff. The sub may be just a slightly less muddled in the middle. After that I went ahead and moved the speakers out from the wall another 6"-8". Night and day. The mid bass was so much cleaner instantly. I am guessing it was getting muddied up by the reverberation from being to close to the wall/corners. I think you hit the nail on the head when you started referring to the reverb in the room. I need to start playing with acoustics of the room now and the settings in MCACC. If it wasn't for carpet the room would be all hard surfaces. Derrick, do you use the MCACC settings even for just listening in 2ch?
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