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  1. Whoa, thank you so much for taking the time to post up all those pictures. It's nice to be able to see the side by side difference between the different versions in the series. Very much appreciated.
  2. I was wondering if I could use an RC-42 center with two RF-52s for my front? I was also going to use a set of RB-41s for my 5.1 surrounds. Will there be too much a difference in the front stage sound here, or am I better off just getting the RF-42s? The reason I'm thinking of doing this is because I have limited space for speaker placement. Would an 80 watt x 5 receiver be sufficient? I didn't see a setup like this in the forum history so I apologize if this has been asked before. Thanks.
  3. Room dimensions are 13x19x8, with two 3' openings on both sides of a 9' wall where my 52" TV is positioned. My couch is pushed against my wall for 11' viewing distance. I live in a rented space, I don't know if my building management would allow me to wall mount a HDTV, otherwise I would place the speaker above my media stand. Maybe I'll just buy a new stand. I live in Seattle. I was able to listen to both the RF's and Polks at a Frys and few different systems at Best Buy. I liked the sound of the RF 42's, of course I just don't know how they would fill my space compared to what I heard in Fry's showroom. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for replying to my post. I appreciate your tips, especially about the receiver. You mention getting a bigger set of speakers. I was trying to fit my center channel inside the front of a 20"x7.5" shelf just beneath my TV. Could I pair a RC-42 with a set of RF-52s for the frontstage? The Klipsch website is recommending the RF-42s for a small or medium room. What exactly qualifies as a small, medium, or large room? My preferred budget was around $1500 US by the way. Although I could certainly go over that if I really wanted to, although this would be my first setup and it's going in my living room. I would probably go with refurbished or open boxed gear, at least for the receiver.
  5. Hey, I'm setting up a new HT in my studio apartment and I don't have a lot of space. This will be a 5.1 with 50/50 music/movies, some tv and xbox. Room is approx 13x19x8. I'm planning on going with a pair of RF-42 II Floorstanding Speakers and a RC-42 II Center Channel Speaker to cover my frontstage. However, I don't think I have the room for the suggested RS-41 II Surround Speakers, so I was wondering if I could just use a pair of small satellites, like the Quintets, instead for my rears? I know they won't match the timber of my fronts, but will it be a big enough of a difference to throw off my receiver and sub? Will equalizing this be a pain? Will my ears hate me? Also, would a Onkyo TX-NR616 or Denon AVR-1913 be sufficient to power this system? Your help appreciated.
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