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  1. Ok, I may have found another pair of V1's... Question - does anyone know if V1's CF4s' would have still been built in 1995? 46th day serial number starts with 046954 I believe that means 46th day of 1995, so mid feb 1995. These have the long ports and lighter colored horn.
  2. Bump, open to reasonable offers, collecting too many speakers..
  3. bump - open to something reasonable, collecting too many speakers.
  4. Bump, if interested drop me a line I can shoot pictures. Noticed one dust-cap is pushed in a bit, I haven't worked on getting it out yet. But no effect on the sound. Grills are perfect, nice pair. Open to a reasonable offer, collecting too many speakers again!
  5. I will post pictures later. Selling my pair of Klipsch KG 3.2 speakers in oiled oak. I would give them a 9/10 condition, they are in very nice shape. $250.00 More or less match the C7 in medium Oak I have for sale. Located in Kalamazoo Michigan. Probably not worth shipping, but I can meet through much of the state, also I am in Fort Wayne, Elkhart, and South Bend from time to time.
  6. Bump, open to reasonable offers (I can ship).
  7. Bump - I can ship, open to reasonable offers. (can not ship from Dec 28 - Jan 4th)
  8. Box is a 7/10 or so, black. Could be touched up pretty easily with a sharpie. Couple corners are not perfect. Grill looks fantastic. Good shape overall. Asking $250.00 or best offer. Located in Kalamazoo Michigan. I will ship at buyers expense. Thanks!
  9. Oak c7 8/10, even better if you do new grill cloth (grill included, need to get a better picture, it's a bit worn on one corner. but structurally 100%) Asking $400 or best Kalamazoo Michigan.
  10. Sale Pending on the CF4's and surrounds.... which means I will simply have a C7 in oak, and a KV4 in black for sale.
  11. I will potentially be in Chicago this weekend (12/8) and could transport the CF4s. would do 2k on the cf4 and throw in the Kv4 with the stock drivers.
  12. In a similar spirit, I know a guy who said he once got busy in the back of a burger king bathroom.
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