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  1. The amp was delivered today and one channel on source 1 was dead and the other sources had a bad hum that got louder as turn up the volume. I bought it off eBay and I am returning it,I was willing to send it to Raven for repairs but the seller wanted me to return it.
  2. I am waiting on delivery of a like new Raven Osprey mk3 Int amp,I have been reading great reviews and I am looking forward to hearing it on my Klipschorns and Emerald Physics open baffle speakers.
  3. Here is another picture of the system
  4. What I have are a pair of Klipschorns that I have painstaking modded with no expense spared below is a list up upgrades Volti 2” horns ALK-5800/ES400 crossovers with ES400 audience caps upgrades built by well know Mark from the forum BMS-4592nd midranges DE-120-8 tweeters with fastrac horns I ordered current model Klipsch badges ( Lascala II type) Western Electric approved 14ga wires I have owned many pairs of Klipschorns and these are by far the best sounding Klipschorns I have ever owned. I bought these from the estate of the original owner that listed them here .and they are a solid 8.5 condition with only very lite marks on the top that you have to look at with a light to see. I will post a picture of the fronts and if anyone wants more pictures I can email them. The sound of these speakers are crystal clear and solid deep bass.Sound great with single end triode,push pull tube amps and dynamic and lifelike with solid state.Must pick up in Sevierville,Tennessee
  5. below is a picture of my Inspire Hot Rod amp and LP-3.1 preamp I have added tung sol black glass 6sn7gt tubes to the preamp and black glass 6sn7gt ken rad with coke bottle 5u4gt tubes to my power amp.
  6. Here is a picture of my line magnetic lm-126ia 15 watts of tube magic based on western electric design
  7. Akd I have sent you a private message
  8. My amp has been sold
  9. I going though my racks of cds and I have decided to sell off my extra cds ,I will ship usps media mail1-5 cd’s 3.00 and if interested in more than 5 we can check on shipping cost.Each cd priced they are in very good to excellent condition Ray Charles Genius loves company 4.00 I have multiple of this title 6 priced each Roy Orbison Mystery Girl. 4.00 2 copies priced each Lyle Lovette Joshua Judes Ruth sealed 7.00 and used copy 4.00 Lyle Lovette and his Large Band 4.00 Lyle Lovette The road to Ensenada 4.00 James Taylor October Road. 4.00 2 copies priced each James Taylor Hour Glass 4.00 Diana Krall Live in Paris 4.00 Brian Wilson Love and Mercy 4.00 Brian Wilson Imagination. 5.00 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant No quarter 7.00 Josh Groban. 4.00 2 copies priced each Josh Groban closer 4.00 2 copies priced each Josh Groban Awake 4.00 Nora Jones Feels like home 5.00 K.D.Lang Ingenue 4.00 K.D.Lang All you can eat 5.00 K.D.Land and Tony Bennett a wonderful world 5.00 Chris Isaak forever blue 3.00 Jackson Browne Alive 3.00 U2all you can leave behind 5.00 Bruce Springsteen Lucky Town 4,00 Bruce Springsteen The Rising 4.00
  10. I had the pleasure to meet Bob and Teresa when I picked up his closed back Klipschorns both were very nice and even with his health issues he wanted to help with the loading of those very heavy speakers.He told me he was having trouble hearing and that is why he sold off all of his equipment, I still have a Yamaha PF-800 I bought from him and I play it everyday.Rest In Peace Bob and thoughts and prayers to Teresa
  11. Joe I am still playing with them and I plan on trying to dial them in today.
  12. I found out this information on Stereophile’s webpage So which Svetlana is the tube that is true? If you are talking about "new old stock" (NOS)—tubes made before 2000—the words "Svetlana Electron Devices" and the stylized S are what to look for. For recent issues, look for the "winged C." The name Svetlana is still on Saratov-made devices. My tubes have Svetlana Electron Devices withe the stylized S logo, I know these tubes sound great in my Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod power amp.
  13. I tried to post another picture but it is too big ,there is no circle c with wings on the tubes and below the 6l6gc is the number 9732 and on the other side is the letters and numbers oth 59
  14. I have a pair of these tubes I have had for at least 15 years and I was wondering if they are Svetlana winged c’s the boxes have the c circled with wings, but they are not marked on the tubes .They also are black based.
  15. Buy with confidence anything that Joe is selling, I have had multiple deals with Joe and the items have been better than advertised.I bought a pair of speakers today and Joe had to show me the imperfections and I am picky.I have never been a fan of open baffle speakers but after hearing Joe’s speakers today I may be in trouble.Thanks again Joe
  16. Like New Sangean HD tuner HDT-20 am/fm with original box, manual and remote control .100.00 plus shipping
  17. Klipsch RC-62mkii black finish like new from pet free smoke free home.I do not have the box must pick up in Sevierville,Tn Sold local sale
  18. The subwoofer and amp has been sold
  19. Price drop to 325.00 for woofer and amp.
  20. Trying to justify Klipsch pricing for current line of Heritage speakers and here is what I think.For years Klipsch made moderate changes to there speakers as they kinda drifted away from their Heritage line. I can remember in the early 2000’s trying to find a dealer where you could listen to Klipschorns and even Klipsch dealers that had some of the heritage models did not have them and they were made to order and to me that is why the line suffered. In the last few years Klipsch had to see what was happening with people upgrading their heritage line speakers and following the newsgroups they had to know that they had to improve the line and to do this they had to spend money on R&D and with this it caused prices to go up and now with the newer models even more R&D and with the high cost of materials they had to have price increases.12k is not chump change, but if you priced other speakers from other manufacturers with the same cabinets,drivers ,quality of the cabinets and weight of the speakers I think most would agree they would be priced way more than 12k.
  21. If you are having second thoughts about your purchase you should consider returning them.If you have had them less than 30 days you can return them.
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