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  1. I have bought from Tim on multiple occasions and everything has been better than advertised and Tim is great to deal with.
  2. Cigarbum in Georgia
  3. Klipsch RC-7 center channel ,great sounding center channel cherry cabinet. 350.00 must pick up in Sevierville,Tn
  4. I have email the seller and I have not heard back from him ,after checking it’s 13 hour one way trip .Too far for me
  5. Yes, they are still for sale
  6. Klipsch RC-7 center channel very good condition,great sounding center channel.Down sizing ,sold my rf-7mkii’s and I will sell this center channel for 375.00 must pickup in Sevierville,Tn
  7. Klipsch RF-7mkII b-stock cherry cabinets in excellent condition with boxes and RC-7 center channel also cherry cabinet I also have the boxes for the center channel.I am the second owner and the speakers have been in a pet free smoke free home.Must pick up in Sevierville, Tennessee 1800.00 for all 3 I will sell separate 1400.00 for the rf-7mkii’s 475.00 for the center channel.I can email more pictures if interested.
  8. The rf-7 mkII have been sold
  9. I have decided to keep my VOLTI horns , I will sell the midranges and I have adjusted my ad.
  10. Selling the bms-4592nd midrange speakers for 950.00
  11. 1 pair of bms-4592 Nd mids ,excellent condition 950.00
  12. I have a pair of beyma cp-25 tweeters and a pair of bms-4592nd mid 16 ohm mids and I was wondering if I could use them with my Klipschorns ak4 original Klipsch crossovers.
  13. I have bought and sold to David and when buying from him everything was better than advertised and when selling to David he was quick to pay and easy to deal with.
  14. I have used one of these with great results on my Klipschorns and a pair of Klipsch belles to increase the bass and smooth out the top end. I have had had friends come over and could not believe the difference this makes on the sound of Belles as I always loved the look of the belles but I was never satisfied with the bass response this bom took care of that.I have a couple extra .Selling for 250.00 plus shipping .
  15. Looking for crown xls-1002 amp with crossover feature to use with a pair of emerald physics speakers.
  16. BMS-4592nd middle midranges excellent condition 16ohm version, 1000.00 plus shipping.Part of my VOLTI mods to my Klipschorns.I plan on selling my so I put the original drivers, crossover and factory wires back and now I have these for sale.Zip code 37862
  17. I would send that picture to FedEx corporate and let them know if they do not refund all shipping cost I will post this picture everyday on all social media.
  18. Here is a front picture of the gloss black ep-4.4
  19. Core Power Technologies equi-core power 300 power cord/conditioner, this power conditioner/power cord has received great reviews and I used it with a Int amp and CD player with great results.375.00 plus shipping PayPal friends and family. I will email pictures to anyone interested the site would not let me load a picture.
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