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  1. I I checked this ad first thing this morning before heading out for most of the day, I just got in and posted more pictures.I also put in my last response that I don’t have a PayPal account and was hoping for a local deal. I have had a few transactions with rmlowz,joessportster and discgolfer and I mailed them payment or met them to complete transactions.
  2. Here are more pictures of the boxes, the midrange speakers .I don’t have a PayPal account and I have had deals with discgolfer,joessportster and rmlowz and anyone interested the mids would need to prepay with personal check or money order.
  3. These are midrange only I will take another picture to show both speakers have only the one set of binding post,these are the more desirable bms-4592nd middle 16 ohm.
  4. The midrange are bms4592nd middle 16 ohm
  5. 950.00 for the bms4592nd. Midrange speakers
  6. I used these midrange speakers with my Klipschorns that I modded with Volti horns, bms4592 nd mids and Beyma tweeters.I put my original Klipsch drivers,horns and crossovers and sold my Klipschorns.I have the volti horns,bms4592nd mids and Beyma tweeters that I would sell.
  7. I have bought from Tim on multiple occasions and everything has been better than advertised and Tim is great to deal with.
  8. Cigarbum in Georgia
  9. Klipsch RC-7 center channel ,great sounding center channel cherry cabinet. 350.00 must pick up in Sevierville,Tn
  10. I have email the seller and I have not heard back from him ,after checking it’s 13 hour one way trip .Too far for me
  11. Yes, they are still for sale
  12. Klipsch RC-7 center channel very good condition,great sounding center channel.Down sizing ,sold my rf-7mkii’s and I will sell this center channel for 375.00 must pickup in Sevierville,Tn
  13. Klipsch RF-7mkII b-stock cherry cabinets in excellent condition with boxes and RC-7 center channel also cherry cabinet I also have the boxes for the center channel.I am the second owner and the speakers have been in a pet free smoke free home.Must pick up in Sevierville, Tennessee 1800.00 for all 3 I will sell separate 1400.00 for the rf-7mkii’s 475.00 for the center channel.I can email more pictures if interested.
  14. The rf-7 mkII have been sold
  15. I have decided to keep my VOLTI horns , I will sell the midranges and I have adjusted my ad.
  16. Selling the bms-4592nd midrange speakers for 950.00
  17. 1 pair of bms-4592 Nd mids ,excellent condition 950.00
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