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  1. I checked back but didn't see responses directed to my question. Was hoping some here owned both of the series and had some comments on the differences.
  2. My usage is primarily movies and maybe 20-25% music or blu-ray concerts. Have any of you compared the Reference RC-64 II (used with RF-7 II) to the Palladium P27-C (used with P-37Fs)? Asked in the home theater section but no replies yet. Yea it is a strange question but I am trying to decide if the Reference series would be competitive with the Palladium especially center channel for movie usage. I will be listening to a Reference system hopefully next week but will have no opportunity to hear the Palladiums. As the RC-64 has 4 mid bass drivers compared to the 2 of the P27-C, it just would seem that there would be more impact during a movie with the reference series. I can swing the Palladiums for the front 3 channels and go with the RS-62 and RB-81 or 61s for surrounds or just go with the full Reference series for quite a bit less money of course! Just don't want to make a dumb mistake if the Palladium P-37F and P27-C are going to be tremendously better. Sure more money spent is the normal recommendation!! [] Any comments welcome. Pete
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