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  1. I was wondering if anyone ever tried the RF-83's compression drivers with RF-82's?
  2. @Brian314 Check PM. @willland Yes! @Klipsch: Many people are left no option but to throw away RF-83's which are all good except for the a broken driver or two. We need support!
  3. well, spares for the predecessors RF-7's and even older reference series are available.
  4. does anyone have experience with these concave cerametalic dust cap removal replacement? i dont understand why Klipsch wont provide support for these not-so-long-ago reference flagships.. just disappointing..
  5. I contacted The Speaker Exchange. They informed me that these are obsolete drivers and no amount of minimum order to the OEM could get them to make a batch! the cone is good. i am not sure if these concave dust caps can be taken out without damage to the cone or the dust cap it self. Also, does recoiling change the tonal quality of the drivers?
  6. anyone know where i can get the replacement driver for RF-83?
  7. i say, get the bookshelves and a good subwoofer (or 2?) that blends well and goes deep - later, when you have the budget, move the bookshelves to rear/surround duty and get P-37F's for fronts.
  8. - RF-82 IV 8" driver is obsolete (+ it was a different driver construction & 8 ohm) - RF-82 II is a different driver construction & is is 8 ohm - RF-83's are unique, they have 3 x 8" (16 ohm) drivers paralleled to equivalent 4 ohm worst case: use RF-82 II, 8 ohm driver with 4 ohm series resistors. not only would it look odd as it is conical diaphragm, it will also have a different sound signature due to different frequency response and sensitivity. guys, any pointers?
  9. After exhausting all resources on the internet, it seems like the 8" drivers for RF-83 are impossible to source. My entire system is based on the reference IV and RF-83's are anchors for the system with RT-12D, RC-64, RS-62, RB-61's.. Is there anyone on the forum here who could help me source these.. i am pretty desperate.. Klipsch RF-83, 8" Woofer, Model: K-1206-N, Klipsch Part #: 1000266 Thanks!
  10. Also, the Klipsch RF-83/63 tweeter K-71-G looks very similar to the FANE CD-131. The studs are however slightly wider on the Fane. K-79-G: 1" throat. 2.86" stud diagonal distance. 1.25" diaphragm Fane CD-131: 1" throat. 3" stud diagonal distance. 1.375" diaphragm Is Fane the OEM for these Klipsch drivers?
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