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  1. robbiey60


    My mate has the 250c. It is ok but the rc62ii is the better center. That and the fact it matches your rb61 horns. 6" 90x60 horn on the rb61 and rc62, 5" 90x90 horn on the rp250c.
  2. Hi there! Can you fit towers at all? You mention gaming- I run towers for my surrounds and play a lot of games. A 6.1 system with towers and a rear center in my old room was awesome for immersion- effects panned seamlessly. I have since dropped back to 5.1 for this room but still use my towers for surrounds.
  3. Don't run 2 centers as already stated. Those f20s should be fine surround speakrs. I used to run f30s as surrounds and they are the 2nd best surrounds I have ever heard(my current rf82iis are the best). A lot don't like the synergy series but I found my f30s very close to my rf82iis.
  4. Define "light pressure", and is it worth it to compromise your existing sound? I would never go in-ceilings, especially to replace a perfectly good set of floorstanders.
  5. All true but he will get some boundary gain with a sealed sub in his smallish room which will add some lower oooomph for movies.. I have all sealed subs in my 5000ft3+ family room/kitchen/nook and it sure is not lacking for movies. Though I can't say that I am getting sub 17Hz at 105dB at my listening position. Bill Multiple sealed is a whole different story lol.
  6. I may have missed it but have you seen the reviews and tests on databass? Those ultra expensive subs like the paradigm and the dd18+ are equalled or bested by a lot of other subs
  7. Ported will be louder. Ported will be good for movies and music where as sealed will be good for music but may leave you wanting for movies
  8. Just wanted to say hi over here too lol. You definitely came to the right place.
  9. I too spend A LOT of time in front of the PC and enjoy music through my setup. I am running hdmi out from my gtx970 into my old onkyo and 2ch music is bliss through my rf83s.
  10. Jump on those 83s, great speakers! The new premieres are better than my rf82iis but I would still have the 83s or 7s any day.
  11. I would not put speakers on the ceiling, especially lcr. You could do a lot better than those quintets if you stick around here a while!
  12. Have you seen those kpop girls? I love asian women
  13. Im still not understanding. What is the end goal here? Twin stereo rigs in the same room? If it were me I would be dumping my cash into 2 good speakers and 1 or 2 good subs. No twin systems and no expensive electronics until you are happy with your main speakers and sub.
  14. Wait you have 3 receivers each driving a different set of speakers all in the same setup? And want a 4th receiver/integrated amp? Am I lost here?
  15. They would be so close I doubt you could tell. Series 1 would be the perfect match.
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