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  1. I've been through a bunch of bookshelf sized speakers and my go to one now is the Canton Chrono 502.2. The tweeter in this thing is amazing.....detailed but not overly bright and harsh. Bass is also excellent for a 6 inch.
  2. New Klipsch speakers are OK..........I have a pair of RP 260f's. One thing folks should be aware of is that these won't sound like the Heritage style or the older reference speakers. the new tweeter is the major difference. Some may like it fine others not so much. The new tweeters sound much more laid back to me. In some ways they're smoother in their presentation and in some ways they're not as dynamic. Trade off I guess. For most of my two channel listening I still prefer the old models, but that's just me.
  3. Graphix SP7's pushed by a brand new HK 430. Yep, it's been awhile back.........back in the 70's.
  4. I don't own the 280f's but I do have a pair of 260f's with 6.5 inch woofers instead of the 8 inch ones you have. The new Klipsch RP's to me are a very different animal from the older ones. I actually like the older models better because the newer ones have a different sound from the tweeters, a more refined but less raw in your face sound and I just got used to the old Klipsch tweeters I guess. I'd call them a more "polite" tweeter that won't offend the ears of most listeners. You'll be more than OK with most any amp to drive them. Mine are doing home theater duty driven by an Onkyo A/V receiver with 125 watts per channel. They sure don't need that much but sound OK with the sub I'm using. The 280's probably don't need a sub at all. Best of luck and happy listening.
  5. I get curious about a speaker I'll probably never have a chance to hear because it's so rare. I wonder if anyone that's heard them could explain why the Klipsch RB 75 is so sought after. I get that it's the biggest woofer ever put in a Klipsch bookshelf speaker. Is it superior in sound quality to say the Klipsch RF 3's or RF 5's? Placement advantages, footprint? Just wondering..........thanks!
  6. I'll bet those sound great. I have a pair of original RF5's that kick butt.
  7. joeward

    Forte 2's

    Yes......Micah from KC bought them and I've got to say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with that young man. It's great to see young guys with both an enthusiasm for good music and appreciation for what Paul Klipsch has meant to the audio world. Micah's a great guy!
  8. joeward

    Forte 2's

    Speakers have been sold.............thanks everyone.
  9. joeward

    Forte 2's

    60 miles N of Kansas City.
  10. joeward

    Forte 2's

    SOLD A pair of Forte 2's that are getting lonely and need new owners. They sure aren't perfect cosmetically but sound great. Small bottle ring on top of one and another was missing a badge when I bought them. Replaced it with Ebay badge but they don't match up with each other very well. I'm afraid to try to remove either badge for fear of pulling the cloth loose under them. I have the other Ebay badge. I'm thinking $600 for the pair. I'm in NW Missouri. Thanks for looking.SOLD!
  11. I've never written a review on any forum but the KLF 20's prompted me to do so. I've settled in on a McIntosh 2100 solid state amp and Conrad Johnson PV2 pre to run my Klipsch speakers in my listening room so that's the electronics I'm reviewing the KLF's with. Previous speakers were Klipsch Forte 2's with Bob Crites rebuilt crossovers and titanium tweeters. This combination was very nice and enjoyable but a pair of the KLF's came up for sale and I've always wanted to try them. As far as I know the KLF's are not upgraded in any way. I've been listening to a variety of material the last few days and the Forte's have been moved to a different location in the house where they may stay for awhile. They're too good to let go of. But the Legend series KLF's have a bass slam (and what seems to me to be a more accurate sounding bass) over the Forte's that they're a real joy to listen to. They don't seem to give up much in the mids to the Forte's which may have a little better sound stage and presence in the mids. Highs seem about equal, but the KLF's are taller and the mids and highs seem to integrate better over the span to my listening area. Maybe it's just the positioning. These speakers are not just rock and roll monsters but seem capable of delicate nuances in jazz and classical music also. IMHO they're not just home theater speakers either which is what a lot of folks use them for. They sure do that job well but they're also a very, very capable 2 channel transducer. I'm enjoying the heck out of these right now.....next stop might be Cornscalas but for now these will do nicely. If anyone's been on the fence about trying the Legend series I can't recommend them highly enough.
  12. I'm so saddened to hear this news. I met Bob once years ago when I took my Klipsch Forte 2's to him to have them rebuilt. He and his sons were so cordial to me. Bob had me sit down and listen to his pair of Jubilee's while his son's tore into my speakers. They rebuilt the crossovers and installed the titanium inserts in the tweeter in one speaker and left the other stock. They then played the speakers for me and switched back and forth between them.....said if I didn't like the difference they'd put it back to stock. Man, that's some wonderful service rarely seen these days. Many of us will miss Bob so very much.
  13. I paid $500 for my last set of Forte 2's in walnut......and they were in good shape.
  14. I haven't heard any other amps or preamps with my Fprte 2's other than what I'm running now. I run a Conrad Johnson PV2 into a McIntosh 2100 solid state. I can tell you that it sounds magnificent to my ears.
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