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  1. I just did the same thing with my Belle Klipsch .Just couldn't take the lack of a strong bottom end anymore. I'm pleased with the results of adding a sub, at least so far.
  2. Hey guys........anybody own the Klipsch RB 35 bookshelves? How do they measure up to the other bookshelves offered by Klipsch? Thanks...........Joe
  3. I now own a pair of these...........best speakers I've ever owned. Jump on 'em!
  4. These were sold a little while ago..........thanks for looking. -Joe
  5. I had the newer Klipsch RP 260's and IMO they were too laid back. I also had RF 5's that I found too aggressive in the treble. These RF 260's were just right and sounded better to me than the previous two. Only reason I'm selling is that KLF 20's have now replaced these in my home theater.
  6. I'm in Northwest Missouri.........the town of Cameron to be exact. Thanks.
  7. Klipsch RF 62's for sale. Excellent condition for their age. Can find nothing wrong with them cosmetically or functionally. Thanks for looking..........$300.
  8. I bought a pair of Belles from Kirk that has another pair listed in KC. He's a first rate guy to deal with and the Belles sound fantastic!
  9. It only happened once and that was when I had them plugged into the same surge protector......I turned them both on at the same time. Since then I've run a separate surge protector on the preamp, turn it on first, let it warm up a few minutes and then switch the amp on. Hasn't happened again.
  10. Seriously doubt it's a problem with the amp. The McIntosh MA 6100 I'm using was completely rebuilt at a place called Sounds Classic. It runs great when used as a stand alone integrated amp.
  11. Thanks! That was kind of what I thought but wanted some confirmation.
  12. I wonder if someone with more tube experience than I have can answer a question for me. Does it take a few minutes for a Conrad Johnson PV2 to stabilize after flipping it on? Seems I can get some nasty feedback from it through my speakers if I turn it on immediately but if I warm it up for a few minutes before turning on my amp it's dead quiet in that regard. Sounds really good too. Just concerned their could be a problem that needs checking out. Thanks!
  13. No experience at all with the Chinese tube amps. Only tube equipment I own is the Conrad Johnson PV2 preamp which mate very well with the McIntosh solid state amps I've tried with it.
  14. Seems a lot of folks really like the amps from the Schitt company.......like the Aegis and Vidar. One of them runs in something similar to class A for the first 10 watts. American company with everything designed and built right here.
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