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  1. I'm so saddened to hear this news. I met Bob once years ago when I took my Klipsch Forte 2's to him to have them rebuilt. He and his sons were so cordial to me. Bob had me sit down and listen to his pair of Jubilee's while his son's tore into my speakers. They rebuilt the crossovers and installed the titanium inserts in the tweeter in one speaker and left the other stock. They then played the speakers for me and switched back and forth between them.....said if I didn't like the difference they'd put it back to stock. Man, that's some wonderful service rarely seen these days. Many of us will miss Bob so very much.
  2. I paid $500 for my last set of Forte 2's in walnut......and they were in good shape.
  3. I haven't heard any other amps or preamps with my Fprte 2's other than what I'm running now. I run a Conrad Johnson PV2 into a McIntosh 2100 solid state. I can tell you that it sounds magnificent to my ears.
  4. Is theOnkyo 805 for sale? How much ya asking? Thanks..............Joe
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