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  1. I bought a pair of Belles from Kirk that has another pair listed in KC. He's a first rate guy to deal with and the Belles sound fantastic!
  2. It only happened once and that was when I had them plugged into the same surge protector......I turned them both on at the same time. Since then I've run a separate surge protector on the preamp, turn it on first, let it warm up a few minutes and then switch the amp on. Hasn't happened again.
  3. Seriously doubt it's a problem with the amp. The McIntosh MA 6100 I'm using was completely rebuilt at a place called Sounds Classic. It runs great when used as a stand alone integrated amp.
  4. Thanks! That was kind of what I thought but wanted some confirmation.
  5. I wonder if someone with more tube experience than I have can answer a question for me. Does it take a few minutes for a Conrad Johnson PV2 to stabilize after flipping it on? Seems I can get some nasty feedback from it through my speakers if I turn it on immediately but if I warm it up for a few minutes before turning on my amp it's dead quiet in that regard. Sounds really good too. Just concerned their could be a problem that needs checking out. Thanks!
  6. No experience at all with the Chinese tube amps. Only tube equipment I own is the Conrad Johnson PV2 preamp which mate very well with the McIntosh solid state amps I've tried with it.
  7. Seems a lot of folks really like the amps from the Schitt company.......like the Aegis and Vidar. One of them runs in something similar to class A for the first 10 watts. American company with everything designed and built right here.
  8. My set of Bells came with Crite's crossovers and the upgraded DE 120 tweeter. The woofer is original. They sounded very good with my McIntosh MA 6100 integrated but I couldn't help but try running my Conrad Johnson PV2 as a preamp running into the Mac amp. Took some of the hard edge off the drivers with the upgraded crossovers that can be pretty bright. I'm really happy with the sound for now. The great thing about the big Klipsch 3 ways is being able to try so many different amp combinations with them....they're so efficient.
  9. Hey Madman........the old crossovers that came with my speakers were marked Klipsch AB.
  10. I don't know.................I'll have to look at the originals in the box and get back with you.
  11. Yes Madman1, that would be a pretty steep learning curve for me also since I really have no clue about bi/tri/amp active crossovers. Guess I'll have to study about them. These presently have the Crites upgraded crossovers and I have the originals also. They sound really good to me in the mids but I don't really like music blasted at high volume so I probably don't hear the harshness some speak of with the original midrange horn. Bass is full and clean on these......I kind of have them stuffed into corners which may reinforce the bass some. Thanks for giving me some new possibilities to look into.
  12. Took delivery of my Belle Klipsch about three weeks ago. After getting some listening time in I've finally discovered what everyone means when they can really hear the difference in the way a source was recorded. I've had many Klipsch speakers but these are the first ones I've had where good recordings sound magnificent and bad ones are pretty much unlistenable. But all and all I love these things. Running them with just a solid state McIntosh MA 6100 integrated. Plenty of power for them. I'm a happy camper.
  13. joeward

    KLF 20's

    I gave these a try at being my main speakers in my entertainment center and they sound really great there. I'm going to keep them for now. Thanks for looking.............Joe
  14. joeward

    KLF 20's

    Having the Belle Klipsch delivered tomorrow so these KLF 20's in satin black are up for sale. Never heard any rattles and I believe them to be a later manufacture date. Asking $800 for the pair and I'm in Northwest Missouri. Have a great day.
  15. I like the new changes. Seems to be easier on my old eyes......thanks for the hard work!
  16. I've been through a bunch of bookshelf sized speakers and my go to one now is the Canton Chrono 502.2. The tweeter in this thing is amazing.....detailed but not overly bright and harsh. Bass is also excellent for a 6 inch.
  17. New Klipsch speakers are OK..........I have a pair of RP 260f's. One thing folks should be aware of is that these won't sound like the Heritage style or the older reference speakers. the new tweeter is the major difference. Some may like it fine others not so much. The new tweeters sound much more laid back to me. In some ways they're smoother in their presentation and in some ways they're not as dynamic. Trade off I guess. For most of my two channel listening I still prefer the old models, but that's just me.
  18. Graphix SP7's pushed by a brand new HK 430. Yep, it's been awhile back.........back in the 70's.
  19. I don't own the 280f's but I do have a pair of 260f's with 6.5 inch woofers instead of the 8 inch ones you have. The new Klipsch RP's to me are a very different animal from the older ones. I actually like the older models better because the newer ones have a different sound from the tweeters, a more refined but less raw in your face sound and I just got used to the old Klipsch tweeters I guess. I'd call them a more "polite" tweeter that won't offend the ears of most listeners. You'll be more than OK with most any amp to drive them. Mine are doing home theater duty driven by an Onkyo A/V receiver with 125 watts per channel. They sure don't need that much but sound OK with the sub I'm using. The 280's probably don't need a sub at all. Best of luck and happy listening.
  20. I get curious about a speaker I'll probably never have a chance to hear because it's so rare. I wonder if anyone that's heard them could explain why the Klipsch RB 75 is so sought after. I get that it's the biggest woofer ever put in a Klipsch bookshelf speaker. Is it superior in sound quality to say the Klipsch RF 3's or RF 5's? Placement advantages, footprint? Just wondering..........thanks!
  21. I'll bet those sound great. I have a pair of original RF5's that kick butt.
  22. joeward

    Forte 2's

    Yes......Micah from KC bought them and I've got to say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with that young man. It's great to see young guys with both an enthusiasm for good music and appreciation for what Paul Klipsch has meant to the audio world. Micah's a great guy!
  23. joeward

    Forte 2's

    Speakers have been sold.............thanks everyone.
  24. joeward

    Forte 2's

    60 miles N of Kansas City.
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