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    Klipsch MCM 1900 touring edition reworked. New Eminence drivers on the low end, and mids, JBL 244x HF drivers, DBX DriveRack 4800 DSP, and Crown K series amplifiers.

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  1. I need to move these 4 LaScala industrial speakers OUT of my garage ASAP. Make me a reasonable offer on all 4. The bass bins are currently used in my home theater, but if you make me an offer to reasonably replace them, I'll let them go , too. Location is the Santa Cruz Mountains. Will deliver to anyplace from San Francisco to Monterey for a reasonable offer if you can wait until I am home from the road for a few days, otherwise someone is here if you can pick up.
  2. Bass cabinets sold. Willing to negotiate on 2 pairs of LaScala. Will deliver to SF Bay area, or Monterey bay area. Make a reasonable offer. Will take PayPal, or Cash.
  3. Best offer equal to or greater than that can take them. The sooner you move the better.
  4. I need to re-home 2 pairs of Klipsch LaScala touring version, ASAP. I I'd LIKe to get at least that much out of them. Best offer takes them. Located in Boulder Creek, California, Can deliver to San Jose area or Santa Cruz. The lower sections are not part of this sale, as I can use them still. Unless you want to offer a trade for home theater subs. someone offered.
  5. LaScala Touring edition for sale. 2 pairs plus bottom ends. 6 boxes total. Best offer takes them. Make me an offer. Or trade for Yamaha QL1 used like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/202830594527?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true
  6. I'm not getting any bites period, and I'll entertain any reasonable offers. It just needs to go ASAP at this point
  7. I updated and lowered the price based on the recent sale info.
  8. I have 2 pairs of LaScala with the fiberglass finish and metal edges for touring, and one pair of the LaScala bass bins. All have original Klipsch drivers and sound fantastic, except the bass bins. They are loaded with Eminence LAB15, and sound OK. They drop MUCH lower than stock (20 Hz), and are OK, but not OEM drivers. Combined they sound great. Just a bit dusty from sitting in storage, and normal scuffs from gigging around on shows. Back panel connections have been converted to Speakon NL4 on all 4 LaScala's More pictures available upon request. LaScala 3-way, $1800 per pair, $3500 for all 4 LaScala bass bins, $1200 per pair $4500 for all 6 units. Local pickup only, will not ship. Located in Boulder Creek, California, 95006 Will deliver to Silicon Valley areas, and Santa Cruz.
  9. I just found an old email from 4/2 on a disused email account about 6 MWM bins in the midwest being demolished? On the chopping block with no buyers? I'm sorry, this is all the info I have right now. Anyone know if this was a thing, and if they are actually gone, or demolished, or still available? I cant afford any, but I would prefer to see them re-homed than demolished.
  10. I am seeking a pair of MSSM cabinets for MCM-1900, touring version with the metal reinforced edges and corners. Prefer to have em unloaded without drivers, any useable condition. Please contact smashwolf@gmail.com if you have a pair.
  11. This system is still available. It will be demonstrated this year at Burning Man at 9:00 and Esplinade. 8 MWM, 4 MWMS, 2 MSSM, 2 MSM, amps and racks . If you wish to take it home after the burn I can also sell the trailer it packs into. The demonstration will be properly tuned for delays end equalization prior to demonstration. the DSP with all tunings will be included in the sale. email is smashwolf@gmail.com
  12. Hey gang, I need to sell my wall of sound. it is a re-worked MCM1900 system, with some updated drivers, and quad-amped. Comes with 3 racks of Crown K2 and K1 amplifiers, and all cables, turn key, ready to go. This is the commercial touring version of the cabinets with the metal edging, and fiberglass covering. This system has some history. 3 of the cabinets are serial numbers 1001, 1002, 1003. The rest come from Terry Hanley (The Bill and Terry Hanley of Woodstock fame) . I drove them across country to build this wall of Klipsch sound. Some of the artists Terry Hanley told me these toured with back in the day dropped my jaw. This system is so efficient that each side (Left and right) can run off of a single 20 ampere wall outlet. the Crown K series class-i amplifiers perform like power shock absorbers, able to deliver the deepest punch of EDM music to the subwoofers without significant draw on the mains. The current draw at rest is a steady 4 amps per rack , and even full tilt the system never goes over 15 amps per rack. At Burning man 2013 (Pictured) We ran this thing for 24 hours a day 8 days straight playing melodic psytrance, on a single cylinder pull start 4000W generator from Harbor Freight, and used less than 50 gallons of gas. Oh, and the generator was also running 2 full sized refrigerators, and half a dozen fans, as well as swamp coolers. All amps have been modified to disable sleep mode, and recently had their gain pots cleaned wth Deoxit D5. Removeable wheels have been added to the MWM cabinets and 8" air filled wheels are included. Includes: 12 MWM cabinets loaded with 2 Eminence Lab 15 drivers each, set up as subwoofers/LFE 6 MWMS cabinets loaded with Klipsch K48KP drivers, set up as mid-bass 4 MSSM cabinets loaded with McCauley drivers as midrange 4 MSM Klipschhorns loaded with JBL 2440 2" compression drivers 3 16-space amp racks containing: 15 Crown K2 amplifiers 4 Crown K1 amplifiers Pre-made speakon cable harnesses on rack plates. Rack covers convert to tables with built-in folding legs. All speakon NL4 cables, all 10 gauge 4-conductor SJOOW stranded copper. (All cabinets have been converted to use Speakon NL4 and are wired for 2-channels each with a switch. Rack mount PDU's with amp meters I also have a DBX DriveRack 4800 DSP available to complete the system. Accepting all reasonable serious offers. Located in Fremont, California, Buyer arranges transport. Currently stored in a 40 foot intermodal shipping container. Container is available. email: smashwolf@gmail.com for more pictures, and info.
  13. It was sure great to see Klipsch at infocomm 2014. Had some interesting chats wit the folks in the booth. Wishing I had gotten cards from all of them. With that week heating up for pro audio in Las Vegas it sure would be nice to see Klipsch Pro Audio take the stage with an offering for the EDM crowd. After my forrays with re-juicing the old MCM 1900 with so-so mismatched subwoofers that still kick-*** compared to Funktion One, and EDC and EDMBiz conference being in town that same week, I am half tempted to take my MCMC-1800 system out to vegas next infocomm in 2016, and throw an all Klipsch EDM dance party prior to EDC. Just gotta find a place where EDM.Biz conference attendees and infocomm people and early EDC folks can easily get to it that I can afford, or find a sponsor.... With the new KPT-1802-HLS Subwoofer coupled with the KPT-MCM-4-T-Grand, with the right digital amps/DSP combo and set-up it'll give the Pioneer GS-WAVE/Powersoft combo a good schooling I am sure. In fact, if the hardware were ever in one place (Like at infocomm?) I think a shootout would be in order Too bad it's 2 more years away. I'm not likely to be able to drive my MCM 1900 all the way to Orlando for Infocomm next year, and EDMBiz and EDC is staying put right here in Las VEgas.
  14. Gary, No problem, Thought I'd ask. We have a machine shop, and metal fab across the street who thinks they can make the metal, but so far nothing yet. The angles are weird, so it's not an extrusion or a casting I could even hope to buy off the rack anyplace. The corners are some sort of casting then plated somehow, maybe electroplated? I have a few cabinets missing corners, or extrusions so finding a replacement source is proving to be unobtanium. -smash
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