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  1. No affil,. they look nice https://dayton.craigslist.org/ele/6059874066.html 1950's corner loaded speaker designed by Paul Klipsch. Have not used them in several years. I have owned them since 1969. No more room for them. $100.00 cash. gone
  2. The decorators didn't come with grills. I have some H1s that I have been thinking of parting out because of rough cabs, missing badge and the woofers don't match. However they do have the solder lug k55vs. and alnico tweeters. PM me if interested.
  3. Its listed on craigs as well https://toledo.craigslist.org/ele/6051133341.html
  4. This could explains some of the not so perfectly aligned stampings that I've seen
  5. The k24 woof was used in the H2, Tangent 400 & 500 and maybe others. I have been in contact with him, the tags are missing on the back. He thinks they are walnut that someone stained darker.
  6. I have at least one pair of k-76 tweets to let go of. Do you want phenolic or titanium diaphragms?
  7. It doesn't appear to be 9 count plywood.
  8. Location influences the price somewhat. These are not mine. The ad has been up for quite a while and the seller updates it regularly. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/msg/5974814315.html klipsch pa for sale...2-kp-301 top cabs and 2-kp480 sw ;.....650.00 or Make Offer for all
  9. BassKing825, you say you picked up some used Heresy cabinets. Are they empty and need drivers or the woofers blown and looking for replacements? Heresys by themselves wont reach down to where subwoofers play.
  10. If you have shim stock about .01 to .015" and can roll a cylinder to fit the shaft you might be able to work it under the fingers,
  11. If you have some romex could you flatten out pieces on an anvil to reach a reasonable thickness?
  12. If you can lift them individually would it be possible to insert a shim to keep each finger from reseating?
  13. Looks like Walnut and if the laser badges are original it would put them around 1978.
  14. Are you still taking orders for the Super X?
  15. Two different examples, both are plain sawed. I never heard of Prima Vera until this thread. I would like to see White Walnut (Butternut) offered as a veneer. Looks like Black Walnut only not as dark and much harder to find in large quantities. Pres. Hayes finished a house with White Walnut that nearly depleted that lumber from the forests.