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  1. Happy to hear that it all worked out Mike. Daniel.
  2. Mike, just sent you a pm. I assured John that you are a trusted member of this forum and that I would have no hesitation is closing this deal. Hopefully you guys got this figured out. Please let me know if I need to help with anything along the way. I just picked up sweet pair of Mc30's on another forum or I would be chasing your Mc275 myself. Regards, Daniel.
  3. As the proud new owner i can say that these speakers are exceptionally well taken care of. Chuck included the original boxes, packing materials, paperwork, risers (with box!) etc. A true gentleman. Thank you sir. Daniel
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome. And thank you to Chuck for sending me the photos. These would be my first Klipsch. I'm a frequent lurker/learner on this forum and have been waiting for a clean pair to pop up locally. I'm a high efficiency/horn type and have always liked the simple wood aesthetics of Klipsch products. My house/furniture are Mid Century Modern and these would be a great addition. Thanks all.
  5. Good morning, Im local, actually right down the street from the old Marvin's store. Would you mind sending/posting some pictures ? Thanks Daniel
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