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  1. The tv is a 65 LED by Samsung with the newer base silver in color. Not sure about placing display on top- I would be freaking out! As for the vertical position. There would be no more than maybe 2 feet. If I can find a C10 @ BB I get 60 days with it.. Thanks
  2. I love the idea! Room is definitely big enough! Not sure wife would agree though.
  3. Picked up a pair of F30's at a very good price and now am looking to match a center with them. This is not my dedicated HT, but our display resides on a entertainment center with pre existing cut outs for my gear, including center. Problem is, our display covers entire top of entertainment center and the cut out is only 17" wide. It appears the c20 is the correct match to the F30's, correct? If so, given my width restrictions was thinking of placing the C20 Vertical. Is that crazy? Any thoughts? It looks like the C10 would fit but worry about it being a good match. Any thoughts is appreciated. Thank you
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