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  1. They actually sold a month ago the KLF's just sold last week.
  2. yes i do, what can you afford? I'd be happy with a couple of hundred. your way out in Cali, shipping is gonna be stiff. :/
  3. Zippy the pinhead. he was a cartoon in early issue's of high times.
  4. Not mine, I have a fish in my flower vase.
  5. 07 Honda CR-v and a 99 Beetle. Beetle is my summer cruise.
  6. Thanks for this post.... I literally spent like 6 hours reseaching what the best ones are now a days... almost bought one but decided instead of impulse buying like i usually do and then regretting my actions the next day I decided to sleep on it. I still haven't bought one. probably best to wait till after christmas then the prices should drop like a rock. I was gonna go with the Traxxas Slash VXL https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/slash-vxl-tsm
  7. I just look at the top headlines listed on the top right side of the screen, you can also change the topics across the top so the news is tailored to what you prefer.
  8. Ha!!! I just noticed your the guy. LOL I was a subscriber at one time. website link works now.
  9. I can't believe nobody has nailed these yet??
  10. or you can buy one sub and put it dead smack in the center of the room.
  11. I'm really interested in your system I'm north of you a little bit. Contact me so I can get more info. My number is 616-867-5309 LOL
  12. Loved my Traxxas Hawk back in the day did plenty of mods to her, she was a ripper. still got her laying around in pieces parts somewhere.
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