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  1. CWeber


    wish i could ☹️
  2. I wish, and local to....😧 medical bills are the worst . now what can I sell
  3. Jim, it was a pleasure meeting you today, what a nice pair of speakers 😎 chris
  4. Could you move next door to me, very nice
  5. I live in Wheeling IL which is in the Chicago Area
  6. I have a really nice restored Fisher 400 would like to trade for ????? Klipsch speakers , must have good bass. No longer have the Cornwall’s in the picture ☹️
  7. Yes they are nice speakers they seem to have a synergy with my C34v and 2205 that seems quite different then my Klipsch.
  8. Yes ml-1c speakers wow $800 that’s over twice what I payed for the speakers. 😳
  9. Anyone ? Or are they impossible to find except on the bay for inflated prices
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