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  1. I was selling these about 2 years ago, but got no real bites on them, since then they have been upgraded with new Deang crossovers, most of you will recognize them. They are in great condition with walnut veneer and slate veneer tops really quality work. I believe that they started life as black decorators in 1972. They have great wife appeal and sound great. I have owned these since 1974

    I am looking for $1450 local pickup.









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  2. 40 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    They would be a bit more than 100 bucks, but scrap 3/4 plywood is free, 2 uF film capacitors from Parts Express are cheap, an iron core, 2.5 mH choke is not that bad, and the connector strip is really not needed if you solder everything. The biggest expense would be Bob Crites Autoformers, which have a desirable 1 db incremental drop, as opposed to a relatively crude 3 db drop from a Klipsch T2A. Plus all components would be brand new. Just sayin'.



    Fair enough, thats why I say make a offer... also including shipping which is not cheap. 

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