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  1. Can't believe that nobody mentioned the liftoff scene from Apollo 13. A great scene to wring out subs. Makes you feel like you were there. Ron
  2. Pics or it didn't happen! (congrats anyway) Ron
  3. Glad he left on his own. probably under your bed now Ron
  4. How about a tall ladder and some leather gloves? These things are pretty rare so save him if you can. Ron
  5. $700 for a pair of 7-IIs??????? Man, I'd pay that even with some substantial damage. BUY THEM NOW!!!!!!! Ron
  6. Man, if that price is for a PAIR, a few bumps and bruises are more than acceptable. I also interpret the sale to be one speaker. Hope I'm wrong and you score a steal. Ron
  7. I really like Steely Dan as well. I feel the same way about Pink Floyd as you do about Steely Dan. Everything is so well thought out without sounding contrived. Ron
  8. Wow, these don't come along very often. Ron
  9. I'm right there with you. I don't eat anything that lives in water. It's a mental block, and I won't even try it. So don't ask. But I bet you like frog legs, right? Just messin with ya? Ron
  10. I am constantly bewildered by those who have this concept of "winning" or "losing" an award. They aren't won, by definition they are awarded. You can't lose what you can't win. OK. She tops my most disliked female singer because of her totally classless response to not being awarded the award that Carrie Underwood was awarded Better? Ron.
  11. Youth, from what I remember, these will not go with your interior decor. And that's coming from a colorblind dude. Ron
  12. Way ahead of you. I have a Stoker that is hooked up to a wireless router and I can control my smoker from my computer or smartphone. I use it mostly for when I am competing but also whenever I just don't want to be in this frigid 50 degree weather. Ron
  13. Tears no, but a rippin' chill that goes up and down my spine? Absolutely. Ron
  14. Guess I'm in the minority about Faith Hill. She tops my most disliked female singer because of her totally classless response to LOSING an award to Carrie Underwood. There are so many that it is hard to narrow it down. With this disclaimer: I hate any of the thug, moronic attempt to rap. That said, I can listen to Kid Rock, Ice Tea, The Beasties, etc in small quantities. Faith Hill Kanye West (wouldn't know one of his songs if I heard it but he has to be one of the most classless individuals walking the earth). Oasis ( who once claimed that they would be bigger than the Beatles. Another totally classless act) Ron
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