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  1. yep this sure is the oddwatt design. here is a link to the schematic I used. cost about 500-600 bucks to build both amps and about 6 weeks wait time for the transformers from edcor. I may try to add in a bluetooth module in the premap section. The beauty of DIY... I sourced most of the parts from tubedepot.com and ebay. http://diyaudioprojects.com/Tubes/5751-KT88-Tube-Amp-Kit/
  2. Ok, its been a little while but I finally have the amps finished and all the bugs worked out. The build wasn't too difficult. I also built a preamp for them but it will have to be phono only as it is a little too hot with any other input. They do sound fantastic, they are dead quiet with my ear right up to the horns. I'd recommend the build to anyone tech savy. There is a kit with all the parts supplied but I went the DIY way and sourced all the parts myself and built the cabinets.
  3. In missouri, http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/5267128674.html
  4. Thanks mike for adjusting the pic. Not sure why it was upside down. Thom, as far as the build difficulty, they arent complete yet so I'm still determining the dificulty level. So far hasn't been bad but there isn't anything on the inside yet. We'll see once I get to slinging solder.
  5. I wanted something rather simple and with in a budget to start with. I found a schematic online to go by and 30 watts is what it was rated as.
  6. Thought I'd share my newest project y'all. A couple DIY mono block tube amps to power the khorns. I'm using oak to match the klipsch heritage oiled oak speakers. Should be around 25-30 watts using 6550 and 12ax7 tubes. Still have a long way to go but you can see the idea. I'm still waiting on the transformers to get here and The tops of the amps will eventually be painted black. No idea why the pic loaded upside down. :/
  7. not a very good pic, but here are some forte II stands I made awhile back. very simpe solid oak. I no londer have them anymore though.
  8. I measured 4.00 ohms on the sub driver but I'm guessing it is a nominal 8 ohms correct? Also, could I possibly use the one good plate amplifier to power both of these subs?
  9. hello, I have a question about passive subs. I have two sw-15 powered subs and only one plate amp is working. I recently just pruchased a denon-5200 stereo amp and am using this out of my sub preout on my denon avr4308. i bypassed both plate amps and control the crossover and volume on the avr 4308. I believe the sw15 is a 200 watt amp and the denon-5200 is 200 a side at 4ohms but since I have no volume control on the denon amp I have to turn the subs way up in my preamp. It this normal? do i not have a powerful enough amp? Do i need a special preamp for the sub amp?
  10. I am looking to purchase a Klipsch SW-15 series II subwoofer in med oak and good working order. Let me know if your willing to part with one for a reasonable price. i'll pay to ship it.
  11. I am looking to purchase a Klipsch SW-15 series II in oak and good working order. Let me know if your willing to part with one for a reasonable price. i'll pay to ship it.
  12. hello, I have a complete 5.2 klipsch heritage home theater set up im looking to sell. I would like to get $2000 for all of it and would like to sell it all at once. local pickup in kansas city. all equipment is in really good condition. thanks... Here is the lineup. Denon - 2311ci pair - klipsch forte I oiled oak Pair - klipsch forte II oiled oak single - heresy oak stained birch pair - M&K v75 subs black pair - solid oak 15" stands for fortes.
  13. I have a black polk cs1000p center channel speaker I no longer need. the rare polk cs1000p is one of the first center channel speakers to have two built in 50watt powered subs. more details on this speaker can be found in the link. This speaker is in really good condition. asking 600 plus shipping. OBO http://www.polkaudio.com/products/cs1000p
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