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  1. Codyred

    Easy Tweak To Your Klipsch RF7II's

    I had another pair of jumpers that I had yet to try. These are Canare 4S11 (11 gauge). Replacing the Mogami jumpers with the Canare brought on more clarity and refinement to the presentation of the RF7II's. That is an improvement to my ears.
  2. Codyred

    Easy Tweak To Your Klipsch RF7II's

    Ha! No, I remember reading about that in a post, but I tend to listen with my eyes open and ears!
  3. Hi All, Just want to inform you of a nice tweak for the RF7II's. I have changed the jumpers on my speakers a few times, abandoning the stock brass metal jumpers a few years ago. I have used solid core (JW Audio Cryo Nova), no name aftermarket jumpers, and bare cable (Audioquest sliver plated copper jumpers). But the ones that have really beefed up and opened up the midrange have been Mogami 10 gauge. These jumpers have made the midrange and highs have a presence I have not heard in the previous years I owned the RF7II's. I highly recommend them. By the way, a respected audiophile, Duster, at Audio Asylum posted in the past recommending that for speaker jumpers to get the heaviest gauge possible, as low as 9 gauge. The fact that I am getting improvement in the midrange presence from these 10 gauge jumpers, backs up his recommendation. Your mileage may vary, but worth trying. Quote from Duster at Audio Asylum: "Believe it or not, a jumper really needs a rather massive aggregate gauge in order to provide any body. High conductivity is very important for a bi-wire jumper (bridging from either direction). I tested one 20 AWG solid core conductor at a time and found that at least an 11 AWG aggregate gauge per leg was needed. 9 AWG is not uncommon in commercial products."
  4. Codyred

    Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    I live in Columbus OH. A vintage tube amp or integrated is fine but one has to know the refurbishment of that gear has been done well.
  5. Codyred

    Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    Wiiland,I will sell the AS 2000 if I go with different amplification. Also I missed answering an earlier question you asked. I like listening at not too loud volumes, sometime low level too. With these metal dome tweeters they will pierce your ears out if you play them very loud in a smaller room. Has anyone experienced the RF7 II's with an amp that brought more bass weight, in spite of the room they were in?
  6. Codyred

    Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    Willand, thanks for the information and link, not sure when I will list the AS 2000. Used to have the NAD M2 and sold that too, so not confident any NAD integrated below the M2 would do the trick the RF 7II's.
  7. Codyred

    Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    Thank you all. Robert, thanks for the detailed post. What about one of the inexpensive tube integrateds from China? By the way, I previously had the NAD M2 with the RF 7II's and it did not make a satisfying match.
  8. I need to replace my Yamaha AS 2000 integrated that I currently use with the RF 7II speakers. The Yamaha is too forward and accentuates the top end too much which is a bit rough around the edges too. The pairing of the AS 2000 integrated and the RF 7II's really makes them a fatiguing set of speakers. My sources are a Macbook Pro ( Audiophilleo 2/ Topping D30 dac), Krell SACD Standard III, Jolida JD 100, and I listen in a smaller family room 11 ft W by 18 ft L x by 8 ft H. No options for changing placement since the family room is crammed with furniture and gear. I am looking for recommendations of an integrated amp you have heard with the RF7II's that will drive the woofers so the bass will have more punch. I am looking to spend as little as possible (definitely well under $1000) . Since the bass has not punched well with my current integrated, I have been using a subwoofer, so I probably need an integrated that has outputs to connect to a sub. I have been thinking about a vintage McIntosh maybe , since I saw where an RF7II owner was happy with that pairing, but any and all suggestions for other integrated amps are welcome. So here is what I am looking for: 1. integrated amplifier well under $1000 2. outputs for a subwoofer 3. an integrated you have heard with the RF7II's that compliments the bass capability of the speaker 4. music I listen to primarily is Jazz from the 50's 60's and 70's Thank you for your ideas.
  9. There is only "set to large with AVR's not with separates or integrateds. I have used separates and integrateds only. Or with preamp/processors ("separate" by virtue of having no built-in power amp ) Do you have a bass control to manipulate? Just to try it, have you tried the speakers farther into the corner -- perhaps touching the both walls in the corner? Depending of other things, your woofers might not be bothered by the couch in the way. Truly "flat" sound (measured flat +/- ~~2.5 dB via Audyssey) doesn't sound good in my room with Khorns, so I crank up the bass a bit, or, if using the sub, turn it up, as well as turning up the bass control to increase the bass from the Khorns. There is a bass control when in DSP mode of the HK 990, but not in the Direct mode which I often use and use with my Halide DAC HD.
  10. Thanks. Don't get why Klipsch bothered to fill the hole.
  11. The tops of the speaker terminals on my RF-7II's are closed (not open to accept banana terminations), like these pictured. What's up with that?
  12. Here's my room. The RF7 II's have been moved out and my old Mirage OMD28 are in their place for now. I have no other options for placement and the Mirage are almost in the exact spot as the RF7 II's were. At some point I will switch things around and move the RF 7II's back in. I am using a Harman Kardon HK 990 to power everything. Plenty of power and current there, but it did not grip the woofers of RF7 II's as would be expected. Room dimensions are 13.5x23x7.5. Couch and stereo cabinet get in the way a bit, especially on right speaker. My listening position is about 13 ft away on a couch sitting at the opposite end of the room from the speakers. The couch has a little potential for movement backwards or forwards and a few months ago, I moved the couch back as close to the wall opposite the speakers as possible. This was suggested and seemed to help increase the feeling of bass in the room some. There are 2 openings in this room, a powder room behind the (couch) listening position, and an opening to the entryway of the house that doubles as an opening to the kitchen.
  13. The RF7 II's have been moved out and my old Mirage OMD28 are in their place for now. More technical issues. Photo in next post.
  14. Technical difficulties editing my photo.. Please see the next post.
  15. There is only "set to large with AVR's not with separates or integrateds. I have used separates and integrateds only.