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  1. You need to find a Phish fan (rock band) headed there this next coming weekend, will be a rather sizable influx of those coming in for Sphere 🙂
  2. Laserbadged decorator versions, 76ish.
  3. Great for Klipsch future upgrade to 2" driver setup 🙂
  4. Whether Willie smokes it anymore or not, legal states actually sell "Willie's Weed", a sativa strain called "Red Headed Stranger", the Illinois version grown by a firm that grows all of theirs organically, as well as being offered in forms that do not require "smoking". So there's something to be said for progress.
  5. As being one who was in the 90% area of the path, it dawned on me while seeing all of the vids and photos, that eclipse viewing is much like audio: That "last 10%" makes a HUGE difference and can be really hard to get to 🙂
  6. Awesome, Dean, was wondering if you got to see this.....
  7. One speaker per audio channel please 🙂 If'ns you're feeling the urge to play two sets of speakers for two channel stereo, I might suggest that it's time for a larger, more capable singular pair of speakers. If you compare "Fortes Only" at 8:58-9:15ish vs both speakers at 10:00-10:15 the"effect" you get (a wah-wah-wah-wah) on the "both" becomes apparent how this can "mess" with things a bit. That's another interesting experiment. There was a guy on here years ago who used to do this with Cornwalls (IB Slammin or something). All the same speakers so it was easier to get them to "line up". ....and that's really "where it's at". So long as the amp can drive the load, no foul trying here, even if we learn some "works/not works" along the way.
  8. It appears OP is gone, but last I checked Entertainment Expressions in Bettendorf IA had a set on demo (adjacent to Davenport) and has Heritage products.
  9. Windows 7 was an excellent operating system. Like when they actually charged you for it and didn't make you "The Product". I hated subsequent versions enough I went to Apple. Kept it until it was unsupported. When it became "free" it went to bleep. I guess since I don't use this for a job and I just need to be able to buy overinflated concert tickets on Ticketmaster and parts from Sonic Craft I guess this will be good enough. LOL. I bought a used Windows laptop (from a member here in fact) to get into the "back door" finer-points controls of my Mac home theater preamp but never did hook that in (I'm a network moron), suppose I will once I get around to that project as opposed to other more pressing matters.
  10. Audible Nectar


    Giving the seller a free bump regarding the outstanding sales and service. Networks arrived expert packed and secure, and a pretty fair price, too, especially given that inflation thingy.... 🙂
  11. As an attendee of the 1999 Fiesta Bowl (aka the first BCS Championship Game)I have no issue understanding why FSU didn't get in. Remember Marcus Outzen?
  12. Not bad for PIOs........teflons seem to do better in mine 🙂
  13. The only other brand(s) I ever really considered outside of Klipsch were Altec and JBL (two sides of the same coin), particularly the vintage JBL like the Sovereign and Apollo series cabinets and similars employing the LE15/LE85-DLH175-375 midranges/077 cat's eye tweeters and other vintage horn setups of similar thinking......but ultimately when it came to the VALUE presented by the original Klipsch Heritage line of speakers, and how well those ended up being addressed in the aftermarket as well as having a pretty continuous "universal" ability to obtain service (drivers still sold by Klipsch and even Dean will build Klipsch authorized replacement networks for those line of speakers) tells me that I chose wisely and "saw the future" when deciding to invest in my Heritage cabs some 20+ years ago. While it is true that the JBL drivers are of a better class than the Heritage line used through that time, the Klipsch got more "results for the input" on the value side, and looking out into the future all those years ago told me that the Klipsch lasted longer (no surround refoams every 10 years) along with knowing that any drivers going dead otherwise would be an extreme cost that I probably could not "self insure" without brain a bank breaker in and of itself with the JBLs. It was sufficiently easy to obtain a trio of matched-driver Cornwall pairs and know that I could maintain and take care of them for a lifetime of service, and would be able to afford to "take care of them" because there were so many options in the marketplace to allow for that service to be done that the Cornwalls and Belles made sense as "life investments". Great results from affordable and common parts. There's always "better" but within the realm of "pretty damned good" and never really having to worry much about doing it all over again made it such that Klipsch was the right choice. Heritage really are "speakers for life" and the genius of the original PWK designs evident. If one kept the cabs in good shape one could completely rebuild the innards and run 'em for another 30-50 years. There's little else I could ever say that about any other product in ANY category, let alone audio, so I know I made the right choice. I literally wore out the first HT kit that drove those Cornwalls but the speakers are still here with a newer Mac core running the show. Took almost 20 years to wear out an amp but I found a way......tens of thousands of hours.....but the Cornwalls are still "The Speaker Of The House". Can't justify moving the beasts for anything else.
  14. Great seller to work with, I have his Mc MX151 that was replaced by his 160 and wouldn't hesitate to do biz again.
  15. CWOReilly has it right. It appears the OGs were swapped out for some piezoelectrics and need to be swapped back to be as original.
  16. In a theater setup, there is ONE main - the center. Then you match the front left/right speakers to match that one - now you have THREE identical mains across your front soundstage. There's some room for variance with the rest, particularly with film sound, whereas a case can be made for five/six/seven identical speakers for multichannel music vids that treat five speakers like full range mains with full bandwidth 5.1 channel sound, then using effects speakers (should still be of the same line ideally) to fill out the rest. I tell people over and over and over and over when conceiving their HT setups to MAKE SURE that the center/front soundstage is of all identical mains, in Klipsch fashion as large as the room will allow, and should be set up to suit the center channel requirement/goal FIRST. The question that should be asked is "Where will my center channel speaker go and how big can I have it, and where will my screen be in relation to that?" Just like your screen, we want it as large as we can realistically make it. Three LaScala, or three Cornwalls, etc etc etc......
  17. I think that the Heritage being sold from 1965ish to 1980ish are some of the greatest audio achievements in history. The simplicity, engineering, build quality, and re-buildability still to this day make them as viable an option as there is in the audio marketplace. This does not diminish the sound approaches of the newest product but the OG Heritage comes from a different place and different approach that allows for its own benefits and advantages. Four top flagship line speakers using identical drivers, the fifth only varying one (woofer), that stuff brings a bunch of lifetime ownership advantages.... The only issue with OG Heritage is that most of the good ones are held by people who will own them to the death and therefore are out of circulation, whereas the newest versions are readily available for order. Twenty years ago though we were yapping on here about how you could buy Heritage for pennies on the dollar value, while the B---ification (miniaturization) of the audio world was in full flight. Of course the newest Heritage have a TON of issues worked out too, not the least is the bracing on these new cabs that really do matter in their big picture. The "modding/addressing flaws" is done for you in a Klipsch stock product with painstaking engineering on its own. You can go to a dealer and listen to new product too, many here "guessed" their way to the proper OG Heritage for them. New stuff is still American made and you're really getting something for the money. Sometimes the old OG Heritage stuff needs a little work.....but once done they last for decades again. New is easier 🙂 Since the path with my current OG Heritage has been akin to raising a group of kids, I am really hesitant to move from them. I still greatly enjoy the performance, they are in really good shape, and they have found new love with the newer gears installed on them recently (Mac theater and teflonized tube gears). All of which is to say that there's nothing wrong with liking the old original products. It's quite a statement in a world of ever improving technology that they still hold up as well as they do, and when old parts are at issue, they accept replacements well (including new Klipsch approved/sonically proper crossovers built by Dean himself). So there's no reason NOT to buy good condition OG Heritage, there's a bunch to love, especially if you can source good looking examples (or have the skills to do cab restorations). It can be a much longer road as it's used market stuff, but I had a Heritage fetish for years and as such knew I would be happy here and pretty well what was to work out better in my spaces.
  18. It depends on the listener's room. If you have a room like mine KHorns aren't appropriate. For MANY, MANY people, a Forte or Cornwall will be the superlative choice, albeit while a Klipschorn is the best expression of what Heritage could be over the years of the Heritage line existing. For most, it's the Forte/Chorus/Cornwall that's "most right" because they will be "most right" in the rooms they end up in. If you are shopping for vintage speakers "the best" will be. first and foremost, what will be "best" in YOUR ROOM.
  19. The advantage with electric cars (as well as other electric replacements for combustible gas engines) is in the savings of fossil fuels during the device's service life. It is actually the case that it takes somewhat more fossil fuels to create these electric devices vs. a similar gas machine, but once in service they run laps around the gas counterparts in terms of "green/less fossil fuel usage". The biggest limiter here is of course the battery storage itself, when they crack that code electric EVERYTHING that you are used to pouring gas into will be the norm. So YES, it is "greener" (less fossil fuels used) from device conception to end of service life to use electrics, at least where they are "up to par" and get the job done, and as technology (especially on the battery end) improves it will increasingly become the "phased in" norm. I think of all this like vacuum tubes: Sure, people even today use them, but they are not the norm, and neither will pouring flammable liquids in a tank be for most people. I have a gasoline powered John Deere Signature Series tractor that I have no plans or worry to change. Someday, they will make that in a battery version but will still be some time away from now, and I'm not worried wither way on that front either. It will happen when that tech "happens" in a way that works for that level of work, and a future generation will buy it, while I run the yet 20-year remaining service life on my existing machine. All that said I still see MOST of the "mowing world" being a little short of "ready for prime time" on the rechargeable front, particularly for anything beyond a small city 1/4 acre type patch. If it needs a tractor it needs a gas one, I still think the early electric versions you see now are "prototypes" by and large which we are still learning how to make the most of these. EV walk mowers and such are great for small properties but once we start talking tractor need (too much to walk) then we're still in "best use gas" territory. BUT - I think we're only "one leap/step away" on the battery front, one more reasonable step forward will have a LOT in play re: electric that's just not quite "ready for prime time" now. I think to consider the type of torque that an electric John Deere Signature Series could muster and realize that once the battery is up to snuff that such a machine might charge through all manner of jobs, as electric motors can really bring the torque. When this next leap in battery and motor efficiency does occur, then the EV "revolution" will really be "on" because no matter how much certain types state that the "green is BS" it's not only the opposite, but the best economically viable way to do this as we move forward in time. Poured gas will fall like an avalanche in terms of thinking because it will make all the sense in the world to change. So much of where we have been is "trial", it's really close to becoming "the way we do things". If it's "clean", it makes economic sense, especially if over time and scale it ends up costing less. I'll buy an electric car when Toyota builds one and a tractor when John Deere builds one that works like the 700 series do now. I expect I will see these in my lifetime (assuming I make the average, another 20 years or so) but probably won't need to replace the Deere but could if I wanted to. I disagree with Shakeydeal in the general sense that the future really is closer than you think. Yes, still not quite ready for primetime but we are getting close. Much like that Upwork guy keeps getting closer to his grave.
  20. You're right about the specifics of that particular tweeter, but as I mentioned above, if it were a K77 I'd still have the same opinion. or, this:
  21. They aren't. They are 5db more efficient and ever present in the sound. They are a very sweet sounding tweeter but they are "hot" if not accounted/adjusted for (and on high end gear, whoa....). But that said, they wouldn't be "laid back" with the Klipsch tweeter either. All of my spidey sense points to something else being off here. "Laid back/muddy mids and highs" just don't match any average result that would be expected from any Cornwall, reasonably modified OR stock.
  22. Something else is up. With those tweeters and those caps, there's no way in hello that the mids and highs would come off "muddy". If anything, I would expect to possibly hear complaints on the "high energy in the high frequencies" and not "muddy". Something up with a driver, internal phasing, something not right in the basic operation, but"muddy" with that topside and cap combo don't fit. It wouldn't fit on a stock version either, and this "version/variant"would have more top side energy than a stock/stock replacement version (primarily from the tweeter as it's more efficienr). I would start by checking each individual driver for clean play (like not distorted or obviously hindered), then if no issue seemingly apparent, check the internal connections and each lead for proper phasing. Something along this line is up here. I also wouldn't exclude a "rewiring" being wrong on the crossover recap if done by the end user and not installed correctly by someone with experience.
  23. Klipsch wants all non-Klipsch mods and aftermarket off the forum - period. "The "mods" forum isn't the "mods" forum, it's "restorations" now. AK and other places are where these types are hanging out. Klipsch has edited portions of posts as well as whole threads not in compliance.
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