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  1. I have a problem with my headphones... After pairing to the first device (e.g. to my samsung Note II) it works well but it is not possible to connect my headphones to another device after that because when I switch them on and try to find them inside a list of available devices I can not find them in it. I tried several devices of different producers but each time when I want to connect another device (but not the last paired one) I have to clear the list of remembered devices inside my headphones by pushing buttons "Vol-" and "Power" together during 8 seconds and then again... I think the headphones should be visible for recognition by other devices when they swithed on and there is no any known devices in range (which has been already paired once) because according the manual headphones are able to keep in memory 8 BT devices. So, how can I connect another device without clearing the memory of headphones?
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