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  1. Have you checked Best Buy's outlet on their website? I got my Denon receiver from there for 62% off because it was missing the box and manual. It has been working great.
  2. Yes, it is the only way that furniture fits (that I can see). I'd like to the move couch away from the wall but it blocks the gap with the half wall. The door next to the couch is our front door to the house (high traffic). Plus, the wife likes it this way. I thought about stands but I was worried about the left surround blasting too loud into my ear. I sit in the far left couch seat which is the best seat for viewing. This would mean the left surround would be 15 inches from speaker to ear while the right side is 9-10 feet. I also thought the idea of ceiling speakers would help not block the sound of all the heads in the way of the speaker. Also ceiling speakers would be a lot of easier to install since wire is already ran, I'd have to cut open the drywall to run rear speakers. I'm willing to do it if the reward is worth it.
  3. I want to upgrade my 2.1 system into a 5.1. I ordered a RC62II today for my center and I already have RF82II's and two Dayton Ultimax 12's. I need help with the surrounds. The only solution I can see is in ceiling surrounds. Let me know if you have any other (realistic) ideas. Thanks!
  4. Google turned up with nothing, but has anyone ever seen (or have pics) of a sub that was wallpapered? Wife thought of it after seeing a carbon fiber sub ( ). I found some inspiration of wall paper on MDF, file cabinets, and kitchen cabinets: http://www.avforums.com/attachments/headboardnolighton2-jpg.138008/ http://slowmama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Fabric-Cabinet.jpg http://dartbits.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/modern-minimalist-kitchen-decorating-ideas-with-white-kitchen-cabinet-and-black-sleek-kitchen-island-with-white-countertop-beside-cool-wallpaper.jpg http://paperclipsandplaypens.com/images/011210_05.jpg (sorry about the links, I'm not allowed to post pictures yet?!?!) Maybe I can talk her into dressing up the subs to be "focal points" of our living room. Then step two will be to talk her in bigger subs since they are the focal point of the living room.....
  5. You never know when the wife just wants those big boxes gone!
  6. Thanks Mustang Guy. From the pictures it looks like a good simple solution but not too wife friendly. I'm actually leaning towards paint after reading today for a while. I guess I can always try to veneer or Duratex if the paint sucks. Ryan, thanks for the link. How do they ship 4'x8' sheet of veneer? I'm guessing they can be rolled up? All those years I could have taken woodshop in high school....
  7. Is "poly" a polyurethane clear coat? I'm interested in paint, but everything I've ever painted hasn't turned out great. It probably doesn't help that I live in a desert that has wind everyday. I am willing to keep paint in consideration. I've looked into real wood veneer and it looks super expensive, unless I'm looking in the wrong places. I'd like a vinyl veneer like my speakers if I could find it. Has anyone bought the 1 quart sample of Duratex? I wonder if it will cover two 19" cube boxes.
  8. I'm thinking about building a sub or two to go with my RF82II's. I'm leaning towards the Dayton Ultimax knockdown kits. I've been trying to decide on a vinish. I see Duratex, veneer, paint, etc... I'm not great at painting, never used veneer and I'm not expierenced in woodwork, and I've never seen Duratex in the flesh. I'd like to finish the mdf boxes with veneer to match my speakers but I cannot find a matching veneer. Duratex looks interesting but I'm not sure if will look great in my living room (happy wife = happy life), and I don't think I want to go down the paint road. Any thoughts or experience on the matter? Trying to learn about options. Thanks.
  9. I agree. The Ultimax sure looks good. Glad to hear you're liking it. I'm thinking about buying two of the 12" Dayton knockdown kits and running them with a iNuke 3000 DSP. I'm trying to decide if the 15" models are really worth it. Money difference isn't too much but I think the wife will fight me on how big the boxes are sitting in our living room. Decisions, decisions.....
  10. Any word on the sub? I'm thinking about building two of these or possible two 15" subs if the wife allows me to go that big.
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