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    James Burgess 45 SET AMP , Diva tube pre-amp , Don Allen Cake Pan tube amp , A.S.L. MG-S115DT TUBE AMP
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  1. When I had the get together, had a different user name just markgod . I just looked it up in the search it was about 14 years ago , my the time flies , that was when this place was much more fun and lively . Old buckster has long ago passed away he was a fun character and I was glad I had the pleasure of meeting him .
  2. I know still have friends and relatives in the area . In Herkimer , Utica , Rome and more .
  3. Will have to drive a bit further these days , to south west Florida 😀
  4. I do not frequent Forum much these days . Use to live in Schuyler NY bordering Utica NY . Had a forum get together years ago when Craig released his VRD's . Had Old Buckster visit my home and sold his friend some speakers years ago . Now live in Port Charlotte Fl.
  5. Syracuse NY . Upstate NY state about in the center of NY state .
  6. SOLD https://sarasota.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/6619483243.html These are actually my speakers if anyone is interested , will dicker on price . Will not ship must be picked up .
  7. Congrats on the quick sale , she sure is a beauty !!
  8. I guess this just shows how good they really are , no one wants to let go of their merlin. Thanks for the replies .
  9. I am interested in purchasing a merlin Juicy music preamp . Does anyione have one they would like to sell ?
  10. Here , but had to start again with low post count . Dean G bought some crossovers of yours years ago . Used to be Utica NY now in Port Charlotte FL . Had a get together ay my Utica house , back in the good old days when Old Buckster was still alive and Duke Spinner used to frequent the place .
  11. 4 different 2 channel set ups . 1 with khorn's , 1 with cornwall's , 1 with Forte's, 1 with Chorus II .
  12. Hey Dean G , It's been awhile , I used to live in Utica N.Y. and I did purchase some crossovers from you some years back for my klipschorns . We talked on the phone and had similar likes in the crossovers , did not care about high volume listening , liked "A" better than "AA" . I had a get together at my home , when I was "markgod" back when old buckster was still alive . Duke Spinner frequented the forum etc... , in the good old days . Still around , don't post much , but read most posts .
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