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  1. Sealed original copies of "Moving Pictures" and "Signals".
  2. Rush!!!!! Originals and rereleases.
  3. Trying to get some newer stuff into the mix. '86 is new, right?
  4. "Everlong" was released 20 years ago today.
  5. Ikea Kallax w/Ikea lights. I added a piece of wood to direct the lights downward.
  6. Thanks. Pro-Ject 2Xperience Classic
  7. The wife had a request. The kids liked it, too.
  8. My sister and I wore this 45 out when we were kids. A condo made of stone-a. This is one of the items I picked up at the shop last week.
  9. I love that place. Large selection. Great prices. It isn't a tourist trap. It's a little bit of a drive but it's worth it. But the best part is the people behind the counter. The shop is basically is in the heart of Hipster-ville but they don't treat me like the pudgy, balding, suburbanite dad that I am. Possibly more important is that they don't judge me on my purchases or musical taste like some of the condescending people at other shops.
  10. This was the waiting line upstairs one Record Store Day morning.
  11. That's just the first floor.
  12. For the first time in over a month I had a chance to go to my local record shop. Only picked up a few things. It was just awesome to flip through the stacks for a couple of hours.
  13. My kids were watching Boss Baby this evening and in one scene "Mars" was playing so I thought I'd give this one a go tonight. Also, junior year of high school we played "Jupiter" in our halftime show. The Planets Composed By – Gustav Holst Conductor – Sir Georg Solti Orchestra – London Philharmonic Orchestra
  14. Workbook. Bob Mould's 1989 debut solo album following the breakup of Hüsker Dü.