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  1. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Earlier this morning for game day.
  2. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    FYI Barnes and Noble has a vinyl section. I usually go there for reissues. Or things I’m too embarrassed to ask for at my regular record shop.
  3. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Favorite Stones album. We're gonna come around at twelveWith some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyin to meetchu
  4. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    My wife wanted me to play some records for her so I picked the soundtrack to American Graffiti. This was my father in law’s record. I never got to meet him but was told he used to play this for my wife when she was a child. Sometimes it isn’t how “good” or popular the music is/was but rather the memories associated with it.
  5. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    A haw, haw, haw, haw. Best sounding $2 record I ever bought.
  6. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Caught up with him, 'bout six o'clock the next morning, Naked, swinging on the wind mill! He said he flew up there. I had to fly up there and bring him down, He was about half crazy
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Terry Reid "The Other Side Of The River"
  8. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    The first record I asked to be purchased for me was Def Leppard's "Pyromania". The first one I bought for myself was Sammy Hagar's "VOA".
  9. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Animals As Leaders eponymous 2009 debut. Instrumental prog metal band out of D.C.
  10. Will a Yamaha Aventage RX-A2070 be enough?

    I have a RX-A2050 with RF-7IIs, RC-64, and RS-42IIs and I think it's plenty enough.
  11. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Speaking of Aussies part 2 (Actually part 3. I posted Angel City a few pages ago.) Crowded House's self titled 1986 debut. This was the first cassette I ever bought. One of my all time favorite albums. Never really listened to their later material but man do I love this album. Hooky as hell. Favorite song on album
  12. Vinyl - Record Spinning

  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Speaking of Aussies . . .
  14. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Rush "Presto". This was first Rush record to be released after I was "aware" of who they were. It was kind of difficult to be on a high school drum line and not have someone offer you a little Rush. I heard them before this but never really listened. On this album, they started to drift away from the synth heavier stuff that was on some of the previous records. Also, the first time I saw Rush was for this tour.
  15. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Sealed original copies of "Moving Pictures" and "Signals".