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  1. I think its a WOW! I got a pair of B stock black RF-7ii's for 1800 and thought it was a GREAT deal. have not seen any that cheap since used or B stock
  2. Thanks and sorry, I have a Yamaha M-85 for the fronts
  3. Thanks I have just been a die hard Yamaha user but am considering the Denon actually because they seem very popular. Never have looked at/used the Marantz line but I will check them out
  4. I have a Klipsch Reference (mixed versions) speaker system with the focal points (IMO) being the RF-7II fronts and the RC-64II center in a 1000 sq ft room and have been using yamaha receivers for years but am looking at the Denon too. The models I am looking at currently for mostly home theater use are Yamaha RX-A3040 Denon AVR-X5200W They both are in my price range and I like the fact they have wireless, 4k pass, and Atmos Which one do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance Dave
  5. Quakana, Not ALL multichannel receivers sound bad for stereo, and you can't say you have listened to them all either. A good sub will ad another whole octave of music you have obviously never heard. Obviously I have never heard? I run subs in 2 different rooms in my house and frankly for the music I listen to I don;t feel i need it with the right speakers and its my choice...don't be disrespectful its not nice..
  6. Good deal sorry to derail the thread but did you notice a big difference between the 52 and the 64? I am saving for the 64 ...PM me if better
  7. This is good info....I have a 120" screen with a panasonic projector
  8. I'll take it Roger! PM me your paypal address I just sent you my address for shipping
  9. Some people are stubborn and don't care. Its only their way case closed. And thats fine but geez no reason to call people lazy just because they don't use it. My cornwalls sound way better eq then no eq. I mean they eq when they record. They eq when they play live shows.They eq their instruments. Why would it all of a sudden stop in someone home lol. If the steak tastes better to you with steak sauce use it lol WHOA WHOA WAIT....you cannot put steak sauce on a steak that is just wrong!! can ya sense the sarcasm.....lol....I am a guitar player and I have very high end tube amps and they all have tone controls on them.....3 actually.....high low and mid.....so I am not buying this ya can get it right stuff but to each his own...matter of fact the BEST mesa boogie amps have EQ's on them
  10. I dont agree with the whole "EQ" is for lazy people thing or the fact that an audiofile setup have no bass and treble control and I for sure am not going to put things on my walls and ceilings to get the sound correct for sure....not to mention all recordings are different so how can you not use at the very least a bass and treble control? guess Im lazy too
  11. I am an old guy...and back in the day we didn't have SUB's and the speakers we used provided plenty of Bass. No offense to anyone here but I firmly believe the AV receivers of today are junk for 2 channel audio and that stating a "sub" is the solution is not the best answer and that is just My opinion. I think an old 2 channel amp/preamp is what is needed and that the AV receivers just cant provide really good 2 channel sound while playing music I would also keep in mind that if its Apple AAC files you are playing they are garbage to begin with and garbage in = garbage out You can get a sub and hook it up and IMO it will just mask the fact that if you turn the sub off....the music sounds well....not all that good.....if it starts off sounding not all that good...how can adding a bunch of bass make it sound good? Get the sound "good" first and then if you want yet more Bass...add subs
  12. Thanks Willland ! I am looking at a Denon "bundle" with an AVR&BD and just wondered if the Denon BD is really worth the extra spend...most every device out there now a days has internet based "playing" available so for something like this unless the picture quality or HDMI based audio quality is leaps and bounds better than the other options I would probably not spend the extra $
  13. Just curious why the Denon is so expensive vs what I typically use for my BluRay player/VUDU/NetFlix etc Is it better audio/video quality than the typical 100 dollar BluRay players or the PS3?
  14. Just think of it as I have 2 separate AMPS and I want to use a single pair of speakers and switch between what amp I'm using to power the speakers ....kind of the reverse of speaker switching ....sorry for the confusion
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