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  1. Well my Bud's YouTube Music currently serves up tracks at a lowly 128kbps, which doesn't look (or sound) great when compared to rivals, such as Spotify (320kbps) or Tidal, which streams in CD quality (1411kbps) and even boasts hi-res via Tidal Masters.Aug 2, 2018
  2. Hi all, What is the general consensus of YouTube audio/video content. A 30 year owner of Klipschorns, Just back listening again full time with Tidal MQA, but I find lesser bandwidth productions via the net, do not sound very good with my Khorns. I know they are not very forgiving. But I am a my bud with a full blown B$W setup. $30g plus, and his system can make shit music, even mp3 sound acceptable? My Khorns show any defect and I listen with a nearfield Aiwa Exos 9. Sounds better.
  3. Shipping a pair of K-horns to the UK would be $$ I might part with mine, 1981 models, original owner. Every time I crank them my neighbor calls the cops, so I seldom really listen to them anymore. I would part with them for $2500 cdn but shipping will be 3-500 I am sure. I want to find them a great home, there are a few minor scratches and some small chips from dragging them about over 35 years. I will check on shipping.
  4. Thanks for all the replies and good advice. A quick up date on my Buds Sound situation. He upgraded the power to his 804D's a Bryston cubed amp 300 a side. Huge improvement of punch and imaging, but He has blown the Tweeters on the diamonds two times already, literally shattering them in to fragments. Obviously he is overloading them, trying to achieve sound pressure levels that the 804D's are not capable of. Remember he has a huge Great room, our prime bar/Kitchen listening range is 20', A pair of DB1 on either side and a older BW sub in the mid. He has a huge sound but on our recent friday night sound check he was pushing them hard and it only time before he pops the Tweeters again. He is contemplating the 800's at $30,000 a pair, they handle the 300 W from the Bryston, but they have the same Diamond tweeters and I think he would fractue them. He is warming up to the idea of replacing his Center channel with a separate Integrated amp and Klipsch center. He has a B&W sticker on his forehead and does not want to think of mudding his sound with K center? NAD has a 150 W per side that can be bridged mono and its own remote so he can dial in the center channel when he wants to up his SPL for the 2nd bottle of wine events. Balancing the center might be a chore, it might be trial and error. Suggestions on software and hardware to balance the timbre? of the center speaker.
  5. I was helping a friend set up a new Outdoor kitchen Pool rec room sound system. He already has two surround systems downstairs, living room, Neither set up well. His new addition had a 70" 4K HDR, TV and was looking for sound. 5 wall octagon set up, next to outdoor patio and pool. What to do. Put a new Onkyo, and Klipsch RP-250S, side wall set up as a front channel speakers. Magic. Two speakers in one, added a sub, 5.1 and 7.1 is way over rated. A good stereo speaker and a sub can perform magic, forget all those extra speakers, try a pair of Klipsch RP-250S side wall speakers in a big room set up. Two speakers in one.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. My Bud just Blew his left channel again on his Rotel. He tries to get to sound pressure levels that are easily attainable with most high end Klipsch. However his 804 D's are power hungry, and as per my suggestion he has set their low end cutoff at 60HZ as he has that Sub array. His center channel, a older B @ W is not very efficient as well. I was suggesting trying a center speaker from the Klipsch line when he goes into hypermode, party mode, that could be turned down during most listening to not interfere with the spacial qualities of the Diamonds. I am helping set up another outdoor indoor theater system and might be able to borrow a Klipsch center for comparison. My experiences as a long time Klipschorn guy is that as good as his diamonds sound, they lack that horn loaded Guitar and vocal sound that jumps out at you like your at the concert. Your point at matching the tibre He is contemplating a new Rotel or Bryston amp. Cheers.
  7. My best Audiophile bud has been moving his way up the B & W line, and now has a pair of 804 D series diamonds. He also has a pair of B & W DB-1 Pair, and a smaller B and W center sub. So he has the bottom end covered. He had been using the largest Onkyo Home Theater SS amp, and now has a Rotel 200 wpm amp. The soundstage diff was quite noticeable. The Rotel he has had for awhile but keeps blowing it up. He has blown previous B & W 's with the Onkyo. I was wondering about replacing his older center channel B&W with a Klipsch, his is Vertically mounted. He never hits quite the SPL for my Klipshorn ears. Any suggestion on a Center channel replacement.
  8. First Experience with my new Pono! I am on a border town, NYS and Ontario, and my pono came last friday, with two Neil Young Albums on it. Pono store still can't accept non-USA credit cards, so I have not been able to buy any High Res Flac files yet. The Harvest Album sounds good, on my Klipschorns, but waiting for more music to load before I pass judgement. Seems that most songs that I want to audition and buy, are coming soon. Seems that most are Album only. At 20+$ a album this is a expensive proposition to re-purchase an entire library. I plan on putting together a HiFi playlist of select songs. My high end listening tends to be from BlueRay albums. I have loaded some music from my iTunes Library, and it sounds good, but hard to justify having to haul around another player, other than my iPhone 5s. Keep ya posted as new music come available. Anyone else out there been blown away by the pono player?? My first impression is that I would wait for them to get the problems ironed out, and for more music in their catalog, I want single songs only, there are only a few Best of Albums or classics that I will buy. Update, I was at a friends house who has a Full B&W system, and we had company, so could not crank up the sound for vary long, but it seems my Klipshorns perform better with the pono player, as the Dynamic Range increase of audio signal is really apparent. He couldn't see any Pono difference, the output of the pono is quite a bit less than any streaming device. You need to advance your output 20% on the gain control to get the same sound pressure level on a db meter. This is a common complaint of Headphone users, directly to the pono. So far 3 and a half stars.
  9. Hey Gang, I have a pair of 1981 Klipshorns. I have had since new. I Just set up a new surround Media Center. and looking for suggestions as to which Klipsch sub would best compliment my 5.1 surround system. looking for something to put behind my chair to give that lower crisp bottom end found in most new Blue Ray Concerts. what would you guys suggest, as I am far from Dealers. Thanks in advance Razz
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