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  1. Well, one of my cf-3 woofers has a bad voice coil i believe, it is not the dust cap because it does it with the dust cap off, the spider is in good shape and not loose any where... So that too me seems to lead to a voice coil... Please let me know if you have a spare woofer you would like to sell or if you know of a place that has them. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! I have got a pair of cf-3 version 1's and i love them, but i want to try and venture into tubes. I have been looking at a cheaper tube amp like a nobsound 8 watt or 12 watt amp. I have been using a pioneer elite receiver And the sound great but my grandfather said give tubes a try. So my question is how will tubes sound with the cf-3s? And would 8 or 12 watts be enough to drive them to high enough volumes? Thanks in advance guys!
  3. Ok so i did a couple test last night and when i push on the bottom of the woofer it stops making the sound and when i stop putting pressure on the bottombof the woofer it starts crackling again. Would thst be rubbing? Can it be repaired?
  4. The dust covers look ok and are tight up against the cone i think its the voice coil because the voices in tge music getsvall cracky sounding and gargled but its only a certain volumes... I cant believe how hard it is to find one of these ive looked on the internet everywhere with no luck... Can you repair the voice coil in these? And i think im going to just buy marks woofer he has its a version 3 which had different woofers but will work.
  5. Hi, i just recently bought a pair of cf3s and one of the woofers starts to crackle when turned up so im guessing the voice coil is blown. So i need either a replacement woofer or if someone know who can repair one if its possible. Thanks guys
  6. How bad is the woofer that got damaged? Does it still function?
  7. Thank you very much for your help. How does your cf-3s sound with that amp compared to others? I have heard mixed reports on pro amps.
  8. Ok i just picked up a set of cf-3s and have a qsc usa 850 pro amp and was wondering what i have to set the gain controls at and if that amp will hurt those cf-3s? Thats the last thing i want to do is blow the tweeter or woofer with that amp so any suggestions would be great on how to set it up and what i should expect. Thanks in advance guys
  9. Hey guys im back again looking for the speakers listed above. I am located in portland Oregon but willing to drive and meet if something catches my eye. Thanks in advance guys
  10. Hi are the rf7s still available?
  11. Ok so will the rp-5 woofer not work?
  12. I have a blown rf-5 woofer and have a rp-5 woofer. Can i just put the rp-5 woofer in the rf-5 or will it not work? Thanks
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