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  1. I guy just offered me a Crown PL-3 - funny never heard of Crown (much less saw one) and now two in two months. But I sure like the way my 165 wpc Crown drives those KG-4s. I can go months looking for stuff an find nothing and then boom - KG4s and now a 2nd Crown being offered? My wife is pretty supportive but this might be a bit much a one time. Anyway, I guess I should think about the Klipsch Heresys. I guy has some KSB-3.1s for sale in nice condition. What about the KSB-3.1 for the bedroom? They seem to have good reviews on AK - I guess they are pretty efficient. Not that would matter if I got the Crown PL-3 (I think that is 90 wpc). I guess the 3.1s are a step down from the Heresys since they are two way and the Heresys is a three way?
  2. New member here. I found a pair of nice Klipsch KG4s - paid $200 which might be a bit high from what I have seen but I really wanted to try a pair of Klipsch. I have them hooked to a 165 wpc Crown Amp. I was a bit worried that they may sound a bit harsh with the Crown but so far I really like them. Which brings me to my next question. I am looking at a friends 45wpc late 70s integrated amp and tuner. Super nice shape and he is the original owner. Thinking of putting this in a bedroom for a nice place to relax and listen to music. The room is small maybe 11x13. I am so impressed with my KG4s I was thinking of a nice pair of small speaker for the bedroom system - figure the older integrated will be a warmer sound than my Crown (which sounds fine for me anyway). What are some good small Klipsch speakers that would pair with the old 45wpc integrated amp? It is SS not a tube. I need a well rounded set - since I listen to bluegrass, jazz, 80s and even a little classic rock. Don't want to break the bank with this little system but I want a solid set of small speakers - if base was a bit lite I could alway keep my eye open for a small 8" subwoofer. So hit me up with some ideas on what small Klipsch speakers I should keep my eye open for on C/L or the like - appreciate the advice.
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