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  1. I have someone who is interested in trading their Klipsch T-5000 for my Klipsch Forte I’s. Is that a fair trade? The fortes are in my home theater and they are oak. But every other speaker in the theater room is black. The ceiling is black there are black curtains and dark grey walls. Yes my fortes are in excellent shape.
  2. I have someone who is interested in trading their Klipsch T-5000 for my Klipsch Forte I’s. Is that a fair trade?
  3. According to the thread I believe I will be very pleased with the modifications. But since these weren't exactly Heresy I's I just had to ask. Thanks for your input and help.
  4. I did pick up a new cartridge. I got the Ortofon Red. I really like it. It’s hotter than the AT and seems to reveal a real nice presence, separation and good bass extension. Now I’m wanting to do the upgrades to the crossover since the speakers are over thirty years old. 87’s
  5. Yea, that's an idea also. I'll have to think about that. I may see if the Herseys would work in the back.
  6. Yea, I thought about all these configurations, my problem being I don't have room for the Herseys in the rear. I'm currently running a little phono preamp with my AVR it seems like it works pretty decent. It's a behringer. Probably as good as a built in pre-amp. My Forte's are upstairs in the living room for TV seems like a waste especially since I have some Klipsch bookshelf speakers I could use up there.
  7. Here's my dilemma, I have a real small home theater, 9 x 16 with an 6 x 6 offset for components. I have one loveseat, a projector, a screen 102" dia. I have Denon AVR 7.1 and a Denon 2.1 receivers, Sony Blue-Ray, Denon Turntable, Onkyo 6-disc CD changer. I have 3 Herseys a pair of Fortes' and two RS 3 surrounds and a RW 12d sub. My 7.1 does not have turntable phono input, but the 2.1 does. I would like to use the Forte's just for music, and the Hersey LCR sub and RS3 surround for movies. But I don't have room for both Forte's and the Herseys up front. I don't mind to run 5.1. I want to use the 2.1 receiver for vinyl, music, and the 5.1 for movies. Any ideas on how to make this set up work?
  8. You can find info on the sub is on the Klipsch site, by putting RW 12 in the search. Scroll down pass the headphones you will see it listed as RW 12d its 340 watts with frequency 24 - 200 hz. I'll probably use the Forte's as front left and right, and a Hersey for center, the other two for rear surrounds. And the RS 3's for side surrounds. The above ad on eBay is not my sub. I've never heard Blue Octave.
  9. As far as size, Hersey's aren't that big. I have Hersey's and Forte's I love the Forte's but the Hersey's sound really nice with a sub. I think you would really love the Quartets. Go listen to them. I use the Forte's for 2-channel, and have three Hersey's a cross the front, with a sub, for home theater.
  10. Just getting some opinions. I'm moving into a new house, and there's a room downstairs that has no windows that I'm dedicating to home theater, I'll be using a projector and screen. I have 3 Klipsch Industrial Hersey I's and a pair of Forte's I, a SW 12-D sub., also two RS 3 surrounds and two bookshelf Synergy's. I have a Denon 7.1 with no turntable input. I also have a Denon turntable and listen to a lot of vinyl and CD's. I have the opportunity to get a 2-channel Denon for music. My question is do I use a separate pre amp with my 7.1, and use the Forte's and one Hersey for front and front center, and the other two for rear, or should I use the 3 Hersey's across front, the 2 RS 3 in the rear, with two Synergy's also in the rear and have a separate setup with the 2 channel Denon, turntable, CD player with the Forte's. Any ideas?
  11. Do you run them as large and run LFE as Subs + main? What do you cross your sub at in the receiver?
  12. Just wonder how many on here have Forte's and Hersey's as the home theater setup? If so what do you like about it and if not what would you change?
  13. I appreciate everyone's input. The RSW-12 has speaker wire inputs but no outputs. So it would be OK to run from my amp to the sub, then from the same connections run to the speakers?
  14. I'm going to try to run it again from the tape monitor out. Not sure about adjusting th volume yet. Gonna experience some.
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