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  1. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Just recently my dad handed down his cornwalls & 4040 creek amp. I'm actually selling these to refurbish/preserve cornwalls.
  2. Title says it all. Take a look. Pricing as follows. Forte II - 500 (sold) Quartet- 500 (sold) 3 Academy-600 All the grills are mint and original. Forte's and Quartets are Mint Mint. Acadamy's vary in condition, price is for ALL 3.
  3. For sale are a pair of Klipsch Quartet floor standing speakers. They are completely original and perform flawlessly. Aesthetically they are a solid 9, with only a few minor scratches on the risers and one scratch on the top of one of the boxes. I've had these speakers for about 3 years, 2 of them were spent in a closet. Just figured someone else might get more enjoyment out of them. More images upon request. Local (San Antonio) cash sale only. Sorry, No Shipping. Price is $350, firm & fair.
  4. Ya, I saw your altec monsters when u posted them a few months back. Little outta my price range, but most definitely a very high quality peice of craftsmanship u have there. Sorry that ur having to part with them, but wish u the best with the sale.
  5. Got bored and started cruising the forum after a long hiatus, I actually drove up from san antonio & scooped those fortes for 450. Wow, small world. Btw, they were every bit as mint as he described them. 1 owner & they really do look like they were put in a entertainment center & hadn't come out till I got em.
  6. Dig the post & thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. TV: (please don't laugh) semi-crap, budget friendly 51in. Samsung 720p plasma. RECEIVER : NAD T763 SPEAKERS : * starting with center* 2 Klipsch Academy's 2 Klipsch Forte II's 2 Klipsch Quartet's I rarely ever play them all @ once due to voicing, room size, ect. But if the wife let's me get away with having all them in our bedroom, we'll then that's where they'll be.
  7. I have 2 black klipsch academy's for sale. I'd prefer a local cash sale. Aesthetically, the boxes arnt in the best of shape, a little scuffed up in the usual places. However, the sound is amazing. Lmk, if you have any questions, I'm located in San Antonio TX. 350 each, 650 for both.
  8. Hey Brian, still for sale? I'm located in san Antonio.
  9. For sale, 2 Klipsch Academy, will only sell as a pair. Would like to get 700 o.b.o. located in san Antonio, would prefer not to ship. However, if these are shipped, buyer will cover cost, and these things are heavy. There's rash on both of the cabs(shown in pics), but the speakers operate perfectly.I do have the grills, they are in good condition, although I do not know if the material is original, it's a rough canvas material. Thanks for looking.
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