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  1. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    If there are no offers, I will move on and sell these elsewhere. I was hoping to place them with someone on the Forum. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

  3. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    With encouragement from others, I have decided to sell these as they are and drop my price to $700 and allow the new owner to upgrade as he/she sees fit.
  4. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    You had a couple of sets of AA for sale without the original caps here while back. Do you still have a set I might consider purchasing? I'd rather not offer these with poor crossovers.
  5. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    Thanks, any suggestion as to what I have here in the crossovers?
  6. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    All things equal, I would prefer that they were equipped with the K-55 and K33. I am told that a number of people have run the EV 1823s for the mid-range, including Klipsch, which he numbered 1843's, and the Eminence woofers are possibly original. Again PWK used some 15 inch Eminence woofers from the early days. Note the picture inclosed that shows the number imprinted on the back of the woofer (67-7645). The 67 indicate it is an Eminence, the 76 speaks of the year and the 45 is a production number. Since these LaScalas were definitely made in 1977, I assume it is likely that they had the Eminence woofers originally. I am not familiar with the LaScalas equipped with the K-55 and K-33 but these sound mighty good! I've had them for five years.
  7. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    https://postimg.cc/gallery/y9jlgqca/ Might be willing to deliver or meet someone halfway.
  8. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    I am in Marshall, Texas.
  9. Fishbait7

    FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700

    I am selling my industrial LaScalas that are equipped with K-77 drivers and tweeters, ElectroVoice 1823 drivers and mid-range, Eminence 15 woofers, consecutive serial numbers, and AA crossovers. Rough exterior but still have that terrific sound.
  10. Fishbait7

    No longer for sale

    Alright, I will leave them in the Alerts! section with the understanding that the mid-range drivers are made by Electro Voice. With that in mind, I will immediately drop the price to $750!
  11. Fishbait7

    No longer for sale

    You are correct! I examined the driver and found it to be an Electrovoice 1823M on both speakers. I am removing my post from the garage sale, believing this forum for speakers should be limited to authentic Klipsch products. Thanks for your observation.
  12. My wife and I stopped and prayed for your daughter this morning and for your entire family. May you feel the strength and presence of God during these days.
  13. Fishbait7

    Custom Dynaco ST-35

    I have sent you a PM.
  14. Fishbait7

    Is this place for real?

    Your responses have been quite helpful, thanks.