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  1. ive got a guy coming tomorrow. if he dosent buy i can but would need to charge for pallatizing and pading
  2. Yes they were. It's funny that we can recognize the speakers but we do get attached to them. I hope y'all are doing well. Thanks for the comments on the crossovers guys. The price should be fair to everyone as i think i paid $1,200 years ago, although I cant exactly remember.
  3. posted a pair on craigslist houston today
  4. pair La Scala BR, original and sound perfect , one chip shown, on craigslist Houston $1400. Best Wishes, Robert
  5. I have never seen belles treated that badly. It is a thousand dollars worth of work to refinish them.
  6. Very cool. Would have been a good gift for my friends that play guitar. I never know what new toys they want from the music store.
  7. robp

    Khorn shipping boxes

    Thanks for the solution to my shipping. I hate to hear sad stories in the hollidays Again thanks for the help
  8. Looks like I may have sold the Khorns I had listed. Does anyone have a set of shipping boxes we could rent. I know i can put on a pallet with furniture pads & strap down, but boxes with the original packing may be safer. Thanks Robert
  9. Look like I may have sold these. Does anyone have a set of original shipping boxes we could rent with a deposit?
  10. When you search, the poster left out the space lascala & also listed under instruments, not electronics.
  11. I purchased these in a bundle with a Belle & Cornwalls. Ultimate 5 Channel surround but I don't have corners.
  12. No, just tung oil. Lots of coats with light sanding between.
  13. robp

    Redneck Cornwalls

    they were white flormica, i consider the camo much less offensive. I didnt do that to the WO belle for the center channel
  14. robp

    Redneck Cornwalls

    We just dun covering these fer the ranch but will trade fer live pigs, guns, er shine
  15. Wow the wood on those is exquisite. I just refinished a wallnut belle for my center & it does not have the character that yours does. Wish they weren't so far away.
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