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  1. I got the 205 as soon as it was available. Now it doesn't recognize any media I put in it form 4K to CD's. I want to send it back for a refab but havrny seen on the webpage how to do this. Do any of you OPPOISTS know what I'm missing? Thanks much! d
  2. When I powered my LaScallas with my Manly Stingray and closed my eyes it was as if I was on stage! I could stand in front of the bass player doing a solo, when the singer kicked in I'd stand by him, I loved it! I still run Lascallas, but stacked for each channel and each speaker with SET amps; great but not the same. d
  3. Thats what I use! They are pretty nice!
  4. My low brow Oppo 203 setup is a prototype Quicksilver preamp into 4 home made [not by me] 203 SET amps, that drive stacked La Scala in a 2 channel configuration. Oh I have a 55 SONY 4K TV, that I will sell cheap to a Alaskan so I can get a LG 55" OLED 4k [the OLED55B7A one with crappy audio] The Oppo sometimes pixles up and freezes also...anyone else notice this? Last night while watching Intersteller I got the Cinavia error message, boy that was fun.
  5. Hooked up the 4KOPPO to the SONY 55"4K screen and 4 LaScala 2 channel and watched Martian and it was SPECTACULAR! I am going to only get movies that deserve 4kDVD but I am glad i upgraded the video!
  6. As BUSH said "Mission Accomplished" ThanX guys, I got 5 tube amps warmed up and the new Oppo to check out DAVE out!
  7. He is lucky to have a job, they are shutting down up there.
  8. There is never enough snow and it ain't cold enough. (global warming is a myth
  9. He must live in Fairbanks, There is another Kmember up here, he lives in the bush somewhere, I'd like to hear his setup. I have checked out MANY of the beer Breweries up here and brew myself and have a little reflux going on too.
  10. Looks like they are already gone! I got 2 sets for $900 each and love em.
  11. Pretty darn good for the shape i'm in! Thanx for your service, I got drafted up here in 68!
  12. I am a very long time Alaskan Homrsteader (parents) I'm too old now I live in Anchorage. Another mild winter in Alaska 17F and snowing now!
  13. Chad, I joined the forum in 2013, but have not posted in several years. Is there any way you can flick that chromium switch and let me add the OPPO 203 and the 4K screen I got for Christmas to my profile? If not this is post 2...
  14. I got mine the day after Christmas, hooking it up now, I wanted to read some reviews and see what u'all said before I turned it on and warmed up the tubes. I sending my OPPO 103 back to Amazon they said they would buy it!
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