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  1. omar4

    EBTH has a bunch of quality gear on auction!

    9minutes left and Chorus are at $180!! Local and they would be mine
  2. Don't know if you are a member on the Facebook page but someone posted a special on slick deals for the Klipsch project turntable package with the rp15 powered speakers for $200 something. I think it is on newegg? FYI
  3. omar4

    CF-3 which version?

    Clarification, on this forum?! Aren't I?? You guys make me laugh, sometimes πŸ™‚ P.S. That's just the speakers sitting/loaning out, I haven't gotten into the electronics that I've given away and that are still gathering dust. I have a tentative plan to reactivate the Frazier's and a Kenwood Kr-7100 πŸ™„
  4. omar4

    CF-3 which version?

    That I'm just as crazy as YOU MEN ON HERE!! And I'm a minority-A WOMAN. Jeez I currently have a pair of Heresy on loan, have a full Reference 5.1 system taking up the spare room, Frazier Super Monte Carlo speakers in original boxes w/paperwork that are sitting since I bought an RC-7 to try between the Cornwalls instead of 1 of the Frazier's. Now, if my friend would buy the Reference system, then I can get an SVS pb-2000 from Cory-NOW DO YOU SEE MY POINT--HA HA
  5. omar4

    WTB: CF-4, Version 1, Cherry $2k

    I was considering these too, but was unsure of the port length and haven't heard back from the seller. So, going to stick with my Cornwall II's
  6. omar4

    CF-3 which version?

    Well, I haven't heard back from the seller but the ad is still up. I thought about it and gonna stick with my Cornwall II's. I have too many speakers already and am out of roomπŸ™„
  7. omar4

    CF-3 which version?

    I'm waiting to hear back on the length of the ports. I am currently using Cornwall II's and been hearing great things about Epics and thought I might give them a try only if v1.
  8. Looking at some cf-3, but, can't see them in person to check the port length. How to tell the version by the serial number. When did they switch to version 2 in the fall of '94? These are sept of 94 according to the serial numbers. Thanks in advance.
  9. omar4

    Anyone else have spec um mess with them?

    Well, after having and enjoying my free TV for several months it finally dawned on me that I could plug it directly into my AVR to get 5.1 instead of 2.0 when it was plugged into the tv. Yep, I'm a little slow, but happier now!😌
  10. omar4

    Anyone else have spec um mess with them?

    Getting my yard work done early, so the beer is cold and ready for UFC 225 tonight!! The last PPV fight I was able to stream for free on my Firestick with KODI!! Dirtmudd, get that thing hooked up and get going on free tv
  11. omar4

    Anyone else have spec um mess with them?

    I can watch anything I want, sports, movies, tv shows, PPV Boxing and UFC, NFL,NBA, MLB you name it. Most is 2.0, but sounds fine through my Cornwall II's. Basically, you are streaming everything, so, all you need is internet. The farthest channel I get is 50miles away and pretty flat terrain. I really don't watch my local channels much, cuz when I'm streaming they cut the commercials too. I call it ON DEMAND. Google KODI and check it out, didn't take long to download it on my fire stick. People are charging $50 to download it for you and I did it for my sister's friend for a six pack of beer.
  12. omar4

    Anyone else have spec um mess with them?

    I cut the cord last fall and couldn't be happier. I'm saving $120 a month and drinking more beer😍 I bought the same Yagi antenna mentioned above for the networks, used the pole left from DirectTV and the same coax and splitter to hook up 2 tv's, took about 1/2 hr. I ordered an Amazon Fire stick for $30 w/remote and loaded KODI. I can watch anything I want live, on-demand, PPV literally ANYTHING FOR FREE!!! Right now I'm streaming the Golf Channel in HD and watching the NCAA Mens Golf and having a beer!
  13. Ok, went to a local thrift store today and found RF-3's, RC-3, SB-3's and I think KSW-12 subwoofer for $35! Problem is all of the woofers are trash, except 1 on the RC-3. They said they all work, but, is it worth it to get them to refurb-at least the SB-3's for my great nephew? Cabs are pretty scratched up and only 1 grill for an SB-3
  14. omar4

    New Honda Mower

    Great mowers. I have the HRT-217 or similar I bought refurbed 15yrs ago at HD and it still runs strong! Have replaced the blade, and need new tires this year. Best mower I ever had
  15. I do have some KG 1.5's that I'm using for sides with my Cornwall II's. I'm contemplating going back to Reference for Home Theatre and would use my Rb-51's as sides with some RF floor standers. My first set was the RF-62 ii's which I sold for my Cornwalls which are really too large for my space. But, I LOVE THEM. I don't know what to do-HA