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  1. Yep, I've been using Kodi on firestick for over 2yrs and basically watch whatever I want, when I want. All the PPV fights and UFC, all college football, and NFL games every week without issue. I pay Zero for my TV, just pay for my internet and VPN
  2. Great Price!! I'm curious to see what they look like, I found a pair of Cornwall II's about 5yrs ago for $150 and they have some blemishes. The tags are missing, but I think they are Oak Oil and the terminal cups say 1985, and the grills are Brown. I will never (pretty sure) sell them
  3. omar4

    Amazon Prime Day

    I found a 4k firestick for $24.99 with a $45 credit for SlingTV. I might get one as a back-up even though I don't have a 4k tv, I have a refurb firestick with KODI and it has been working fine for over 2yrs.
  4. If you want to buy new, check with cory harrison who owns Paducah Home Theatre and an administrator on the Klipsch Facebook page. I don't know how to link directly, he also had B-stock items and is very knowledgable about all things audio. When my stuff starts to fail, I will definitely give him a call.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I thought the same thing about the record, I will go buy an Andy Williams record or something at a thrift store to try out ha. I'm trying to figure out if it has the adapter for the needle that is installed, or, if it was not necessary? I found some cheap speaker wire and will try that in the meantime, just need to get on monoprice and order some.
  6. I found a Dual CS-606 turntable at a thrift store and looking for info. It looks to be in mint condition, it has an aftermarket Ortofon LM 10 cartridge. I need to get some new speaker wire before I hook it up to my Kenwood KA-7100. What should I be cautious of when playing for the first time, I've never had a turntable before and thought I couldn't go wrong for $22.50. I went to a Rickie Lee Jones concert in Park City UT a couple of weeks ago and overpaid for her first album as my first listening experience. I tried to attach more photos, but says too large and I'm not savvy enough.
  7. I found a Dual 606 at a thrift store yesterday, I didn't buy it. Anybody have one or know anything about it? Looks to be in almost if not mint condition for $20. I don't have any LP's, but have thought about possibly getting into them. I would probably use it with my Kenwood KA-7100 and Cornwall ii's or Frazier Super Monte Carlos. What, if anything should I look for.
  8. Oh, yes I like that brochure too. It doesn't list Super Monte Carlo tho??
  9. Contact Cory on this site or Facebook. I'll try to link him, but, he is a dealer and often has "b" stock available.
  10. I find it funny the the Super Monte Carlo is not listed in the brochure and I can't find any specific info on them. I'm gonna open them up again and see what's inside.
  11. I have Frazier Super Monte Carlos that are amazing!! I was using one as a center between Cornwall II's for awhile and worked great. I got mine in original boxes with receipt, brochure etc. for $50 in mint condition. They are currently sitting unused, but, I will never let them go😉
  12. 9minutes left and Chorus are at $180!! Local and they would be mine
  13. Don't know if you are a member on the Facebook page but someone posted a special on slick deals for the Klipsch project turntable package with the rp15 powered speakers for $200 something. I think it is on newegg? FYI
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