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  1. More than happy to have you over sometime
  2. Yes the Kappa series especially the Kappa 9 was real bad on amps. They need a good SS amp that can handle current.
  3. Prices and pics will come as I list things. I just listed what I have that may come up and I'm thinking of letting go. Right now I want to get some speakers gone. The Kappa's and Dunlavy's are listed here. I did not put them on this forum out of respect for the Klipsch speakers. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649558004-infinity-kappa-8/ https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649557994-mint-pair-of-dunlavy-sc-ivas/ Little history here, I'm friends with Bill Legal of Miller sound in PA and the Kappa 8 is one of his favorite speakers based on its performance. The downside is they need power. The Dunlavy's speak for themselves, just google them. Very respected in the reproduction industry. Just can't make them work in my room and I'm stuck with room.
  4. Thanks JC. I'm moving several items to fund a pair of Jubilees. Some other items I could potentially list soon are: I have two restored ,with all Jim Mcshane upgrades, citation II's amps. One of them is flawless cosmetically and work was done by Don Sachs. http://www.dsachsconsulting.com/citation ii.html A HK Citations I preamp restored by NOS valves. A HX citation IIIX tuner Pair of Dunlavy SCIVa speakers in rosewood. Pair of Infinity Kappa 8 speakers. Juicy Music blueberry preamp with cream A nice Thorens TD 125 MK II turntable with Grace tonearm and a quality cartridge. A crown studio reference II amp. https://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/studio-reference-series I may also sale a very nice pair of MC60's that was restored about two years ago Yamaha CR-2020 receiver Two classe DR-8 amps
  5. Thanks everyone. I have been a long time reader of the forum.
  6. A very nice set of vintage La Scala's. These have a beautiful black lacquer finish with the following upgrades, ALK Basic Crossovers, upgrade B&C DE-120 tweeters, and Fastlane audio fastrac horns. The woofers were also redone 2 years ago by Bill Legall of Miller sound and made a great improvement on Bass response. I have around $3K in these. These speakers sound great and look great. I have the original horns to go with them. Speakers are in Athens, TN. I will not ship. Asking $1800.00 Pics can be found here. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649558001-klisch-la-scalas-with-upgrades/
  7. I had a mint set of KLF20S until cat got one. When I went to tear of material the frame broke. It was like the frame material had gotten dry and brittle. It is not repairable. The frame is very detailed because the outer edges are beveled and the inside of it is cut out for the woofers. I can't see having a cabinet shop make one? I am open to ideas on how to handle this situation. I do like the those speakers.
  8. I had a mint set of KLF20S until wife's cat got one. When I went to tear off the material the frame broke beyound repair. Looking for a replacement grill?? Thanks
  9. I have bought a pair of Dunlavy SCIVs in Houston and I am wondering if anyone is wanting to make a few bucks helping me get these speakers closer to me in the Knoxville area. Any help getting them closer to me would be great.
  10. I would like to try an affordable single ended tube amp and I am looking for some recommendations? Thanks, Rob
  11. I have long used my Scott 229B and Scott 296 with my Klisch KLF20's and recently I decided to take the next step up. I bought a great set of LaScala' and I have been looking for a Mcintoch MC225 to go with them. I have read great things about the sound quality from the MC225 and it should work great on the LaScala's. I have yet to find one but they come up on Craigslist quiet often. Just missed out on one last week in Roanoke Virginia for $600 that needed a full rebuild. Another optiuon is the MC30's..... Back to my question. I have been reading numerous threads and would love to find a Juicy Music Tube Preamp but there are none to be had. So I am looking for some recommendations on a quality tube preamp that will not break the bank and work well with my setup? Thanks, Rob
  12. I appreciate all the advice on the subwoofer. After talking to Claude there was no question on the route to go. Thanks, Rob
  13. I was alway stold the horn subs were too much for home use. I looked at this one and was told no way. http://www.cerwinvega.com/pro-audio/folded-horn-subwoofer/je-36c.html My friend recommended this one to use with the lascala. http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/uls-15.html My room is 530 sqft and 4236 cuft. Another one I was thinking about was the this dayton. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rs1202k-1000-watt-dual-12-subwoofer-kit--300-766
  14. Gentlemen, I am new to the forum and I am looking for a little feedback from La Scala owners. I have owned the KLF20s and Chrous I in the past and was very happy with them. I finally found a set of Late 70's La Scalas close to me and bought them. In no way am I an audiophile but I do enjoy clean detail orientated music. The La Scala's that I bought need a tweeter and I bought the Eliptrac HF horn with B&C DE120 driver from ALK to go in them. I could not find a good used K77M square unit to go back with and I figured these would be great. The only negative thing is I thie tweeter may be a little two bright and I may want to sttenuate her down. These La Scalas also have the AL Crossovers that I need to replace. I have done some reading on a new crossover and I have looked at the ones from ALK, Crities, and Aletheia audio. The supper AA from ALetheia look like a great choice but for $925, I wonder if I could do almost as good for a little less money. I just want an upgraded good crossover that will work well in the La Scalas, and one that will work well with the Fastrac horn uipgrade if I decide to do that later. I have read the fastrac an upgrade is a great piece and is a must if you ever crank these units up. I plan on using the Las Scala's with my Scott 299B and I also have a Scott 296 that I may hook to it for listening to music. I may wire it up and use them in my home theater setup but when listening to music she will be dedicated to a tube unit. I am sure all of the crossovers listed above are good units and I wish I could listen to them but that is not possible, so I am asking for some feedback from fellow La Scala owners. In the world of modifying anything you find yourself striving for perfection and usually end of sinking a ton of money in it and could have been almost as happy with a little less expensive product. I have done this in hotrods many times. I am sure the Aletheia AA is the best based on what I have read, but could I spend less money and have greta improvements over the my AL crossover? Looking forward to your comments. On a side note, what subwoofer on the market has a good reputation for providing good clean base and work well with La Scala's? I have read the HSU products are great and the the Dayton kits work well also? I have no issue putting one together if it will save me some cash. Thanks, Rob
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